21th of December and a historic tragedy..

It was the 13th of february in 1957 at Storlien. The weather was good andalmost no wind. The atmosphere was top notch. Nine corporals has just finnish there fourteen day Winter training at Boden. The Colonel at I12 ere so satisfied with the result of the training so he gave order to the Company of some freetime at Storlien for skiing and recreation. The day after the arravial they started to ski to Snasahogarna from Storlien. Led by the captain Liljeblad from Stockholm a Group of nineteen person heading for a tour in Western Jamlands mountain. With Trolleys from Storlien to Enafors, and from there by skiis bounding for the peak of Storsnasen. With good weather they skii over the moors towards Silverfallet. When the Group get closer to the foot of the mountain the board conductor desided not to go for the peak, regarding to that the wind has started to be too strong. So now the Group started to go up towards the gully in serpentines. At 11.15 am one of the corporals feel something strange under his skiis. He describes it like the ground disapears under him. And in a sudden the hell brake lose. No one of the Group really understood what happened, but the whole mountain side was coming down towards them. We were like paper wads explain Lennart Thuresson who was a part of the Group. The avalange has buried 6 of the Group, the survivals start now to try to rescue the rest of the Group. After all have cathed up and come to mind, one of the officers gave the order -Boys now we have to start digging for our comrades, ’he said. After that we digged with all we got, skies, hands, shovels all we got. A couple of hours the mountain rescue came to the help with the research. At the end there was six victims. Three officers from I12 and Three civilians; a Danish student, a ski instructor form Austria and a priest from Kramfors.

the group’s six remaining corprals, three continued on the already beaten military line, including Lennart Thuresson himself. Others chose civilian careers.
– Over the years we have probably all often thought about what happened, but we have not talked about it so much. I think I can be the only one left with the life from the company that was in the mountains, says Lennart.
He has never visited Storlien after the incident.

So you might have something else to Think on while heading for Storsnasen, and getvalen after this story..

See ya tommorow…

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  1. God bless them Bergman. What a sad and exciting story. All those times we have hiked up that steep slope at Silverfallet with our backpacks. This is why there are signs for avalanche danger on the slope.

    I take my cap of for these men.

    Also the marked wintertrail is dismantled due to this risk.

    But as an area for adventures this place is so beautiful.

    Thanks for the story.


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