18th of December about hidden and forgotten trails..

Sometimes we forgott the old trails. trails or peaks that has been hiked/climbed long time ago, but has been forgotten. The first to start with will be the peak Bratteriet. With its 1276m it may not be the highest peak, but one of the nicest. One of the cheekiest one in Harjedalen.

Or why not do a detour to Fettjafallet close to Klovsjo. Dramaticly and foamy is the glittering scenery, and with its 70m is something special in the moutaneering world. Follow the trail cloce to the creek, with its small rapids and falls.

The sandfjallet in Skackerfjallen is also worth a visit. 1230m and far away from the civilsation. Here you will be on your own, instead of tubling around at the Jamtlands triangle..





See ya tommorow…



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