6th of December, utefest and a refelection.

This year I was invited to the Utefest at Docksta. I was thera as a represent of the Swedish Moutainleader Organisation. My mission was to guide participants of the feast. So early at Sunday morning I stood at the Skuleskogen nature reserve. This would be a real test of my skills. The client was what I should call experienced participants. The paln of the day was to reach the ”slottsdalsskrevan” and continue next to the coastline back to the start. The weather was cloudy with a slight rain. But during the day the weather become better and better. I informed about routing, clothing and equipment. Lunch and sove become a natual part at lunchtime. At the end of the day I got the feedback clear. One of the participants told me -You are a very calm and good guide. I would trust you where ever you guide me. That was a good feeling I left that guiding:-)


At the mountain environment we all become small humans. But there in the mountains you feel like a whole person. and you long for it again. With a company you can just keep quite and just feel the community. At the bonfire you can tell the story of your life, without hiding anything. We are all just humans and life is not always so easy…

And this with being quite int the mountains. There ones was a director of a big comapny in Stockholm who was from Varmland. He was going out for a tough skiing tour in Harjedalen with a local priest. The priest would test him if he was the real mountain man as other have told him. So the priest pointed out the target of the day and they began to ski. With high speed for an hour without saying a word, he was approved. Being together without talking, that is a skill you got in the mountains.  Everything is so big up here and so pretty. The heaven is so close. here it is only essentials.

See ya tomorow..

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