4th of December and the importance of research…

Today I will write about the MIUN, middle University of Sweden. A lot ot interesting research about the outdoor area is ongoing. For example diving, how high altitude effect the body and how it can be prevented. Also the Etour, he tourism research institute ETOUR develops and communicates knowledge about tourism and travel. ETOUR conducts research and education in close dialogue and collaboration with players in the tourism industry, focusing on four research areas: ”Nature-based tourism”, ”Information technology and tourism”, ”Economic, political and spatial dynamics of tourism” and ”Destinations”. Other important research areas at ETOUR include tourism experiences, regional development, wind power and tourism, trends in tourism and food tourism. Sweden will become an international leader in sustainable outdoor life and sports. A four year long research program with a budget of 56 miljon Swedish crones will secure that.

Another interesting research is about tking risk in the out mountain activity. of Johanna Öhrling. Read it…


Todays X-mas gift suggestion will be Icebreakers 200 oasis Aguille du Midi LS Crewe shirt 


Todays workout suggestion will be a endurance one; 50 cal row/50cal Air Assault bike 40/40 30/30 20/20 10/10 and at as fast time as possible. under 23 is real good, Under 27 acceptable:-)

See ya tommorow






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