3:d December, a long day of work and the roof of Sweden.

Kebnekaise is the higest peak in Sweden. First ascend was the 22:nd August in 1883. The French sientist ascend the peak together with two Norwegian guys. First six year later the first Swede stood on the top. In July 1889  I.A. Björling and A. O. Hultman from Stockholm reached the highest peak of Sweden. Today many people try to reach te top, most of them starting from Nikkaloukta as I wrote about yesterday.


(Photo Ulf Bergman, Keb. Mountain station.

(Photo Ulf Bergman, south peak and the North peak of Keb,)

In April I was guiding a Group to the top. The weather was nice in the morning but got foggy with almost no visability, so we hade to turn. But the nest morning the weather was perfekt.


At the peak of Kebnekaise.

That all for today(working from 04.30 to 21.00 now sleep.

See ya tomorrow..

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