1:st of December…

So today we got the first of December. This means that for the eight year in a row, it is time for opening door one. This year it will a theme, a workout suggestion and a chrismas gift suggestion. And of course Music and some Movies.

For the Winter you will need some special Equipment. The chill effect is important to bear in mind. So a good adwise will be to have a isolation layer that give you a some air between the base layer and the core layer. wear wool socks so you dont get wet on your feet. This will keep you warm and dry. The golden rule will be; never get wet. Ventilate so the sweat disapear. 

A liner sock of wool helps you from getting Cold feets,

Todays workout suggestion will be bench press. Secure you got the right tecnique and do five small lift at the top. Just go down 15-25cm. Then do five small Deep down at the chest 15-25cm and then you do five regular press. Do it four times(x15 lift totally). This will build you up. 

First X-mas present suggestion this year will be a slope angeler meter. A perfect tool for avoiding Avalanches. This one also have a good price as well.

Slope Angel

See ya tomorrow


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  1. Finally Bergman its time to open the first session of the popular calender. Cant emagine that you have been writing the blogg for 8 years. Time flies by.
    Can agree with you that wool is the thing.

    As the old saying from the i Inuits.. if you sweat you die…


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