A crisp morning at Sonfjället…

Early morning, it is still dark as it Always is at this time of the year. Me and my husky Wake up at the same time. Heis waving his tail, ready for new adventures. We are having a good breakfast. He got his food and I am eating blueberry soup. At seven we are leaving our cabin, and the target of the day is Sodo valley and Sonfjallet. In the beginning of the trail it is uphill and a lot of tracks from reindeers. The hysky is on his guard, just wating for hunting the reindeers. I am listening to the gnirk of the snowshoes. The cloud is low, but I know when the sun raise, and warming up the air, the cloud will disapear. We keep on Walking and soon a reindeer herd with at least hundred animals is steering at us. In the corner of the Eye I can see something big is moving, and then I can recognize it the eagle. It might have discovered a weak individual in the herd, and waiting for the right time to get it. We keep on uphills, and soon we pass into the Sodo valley. The temperature is just minus five degrees. Here is it not so much snow, but I still got a good grip with the snowshoe. Soon we turn to west and upwards to the peak of Sonfjallet. I breath out the air in big Clouds from the mouth. My legs feeling Heavy in the up hill terrain, but the struggle got its reward. The panoramic view of the Jamtland and Härjedalens Mountains. The perfect U valley of Lunndorren, the Shark fin of Helags and the Mighty Sylarna. I can fell my smallness, and at the same time that I am a part of ”something bigger”.It is Always so nice to turn over and going downhills. At least in the beginning, soon the tighs got its fill. Twenty minutes later we reach the windshelter of Sododalen.

And the sun has now warming up the air, and the sun is caress us. The rest of the day is a blessing of experiences.

With a perfect view of the mountain Environment. First time at Sonfjallet, but for sure it will be more time for visits. Thank you mother Earth for the fantastic experience…

At the end I will do a Review of Aclimas trouser Anarjohka pants. A wool trouser produced together with Lars Monsen. The finnish looks good, and the quality seams out to be good. The trouser got a lot of nice details, but a trouser with a price of about 188 Euro should have some kind of ventilation which this trousers not got. But a detailed Review will be done here.

In two weeks this years calandar starts…


See ya soon..

En reaktion på “A crisp morning at Sonfjället…”

  1. What a winter story Bergman. A poetic description of the snowshoehike and some realy good pictures makes the evening reading in the sofa.

    I can imagine that you look forward to get back next time…

    Have to try thise trousers. Wool is the thing.


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