A good cup of coffee…

November is one of the heaviest month of the year, and you must find the joy in the everyday Life. Every Saturday I go to the local coffee shop, and the confectioner comes out and talk to me personally. That is really nice. Nowadays I belongs to the inventory…

It is high time for planning the adventures for 2020. If you want to go to the alps for hiking, climbing or running Contact us for a prospect. If you want to experience a Nordic light night you also can Contact us: info@nordiclightadventure.se

New gear, the X-mas is on its way, so it is high time for make a wishlist to Santa. So why not start with a multi tool with 20 diffrent Tools and a weight of just 35g. Perfect for the adventurer that got Everything..


Bergans new Collection Rabot365 is a interesting Collection. The trouser makes my curiosity Wake up. I have a high expectation for this apperal.



See ya soon

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  1. It’s always nice to start the weekend with a good coffee Ulf, before heading out on the trail. Thanks for the advice for the multitool. It looks great.


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