Pre-Winter planning and Risk avoidance…

Today it will be about Pre-Winter planning and I will also continue with the risk planning and the next step. I am in the middle of the planning of a pre-Winter tour. This season hav its extra demands. The first challenging part will be: how to find the trail? You want be able to see the summer trail, and the Winter trail is not frozen, so what to do? Either you are very well known with the trail, so you know were it is. Or you choose a trail where the summer and Winter trail is the same. Normally there is none, or at least a few others on the move in the mountain Environment. That is something I like, but that is also a risk you have to consider. You will be on your own what does it all mean. You have to take care of yourself, even in a accident. This time it will be a tour to Harjedalen, one area with lots of bears, wolves, Lynx and also Wolverines.

In the riskplanning part we now have reached the risk avoidance part. What does that means? First of all we nead to clear out the difference between risk avoidance and risk reduction. Risk avoidance deals with eliminating any exposure to risk that poses a potential loss, while risk reduction deals with reducing the likelihood and severity of a possible loss. Risk avoidance is not performing any activity that may carry risk. So a practical example: For reaching a peak, we can choose two diffrent ways. One is exposed with a part known as ”airy”, and the other is not. Then if we choose the one that not is exposed, we have done a risk avoidance. On my pre-Winter tour this means that I will avoid the severe block terrain, this for avoiding the risk of a fall with a slippery and icy Surface…

See ya soon..

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