A mystery expedition and about Descision making…

Today I will continue with the Risk Management part, and a way of how to make good descision. One of the most important part when it comes to Risk Management. I will also write about Risk Awerness And I will end up with the history of the Djatlov expedition in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

When it comes to the Risk Management we have now end up to point two. The Risk Awerness, During the work with the Risk Plan you now have get awere about which type of risks that will be included in the activity. Now you might need someone else to review the plan. You also need to think of the box. Which risks have you not foreseen. Now you probably need to update the risk matrix as well. As a private person you can think about:

  • Lost gloves, cutting edge from the ski, allergy reaction of some food etc.

When it comes to decision making, there are a lot to think about. Normally in crises situation we take decision with Amygdala, this means that we dont use the frontal lobe. So we dont have access to out whole intellect. So the result of the decision will be from the ”fight-flight” behavior instead of reasonably controlled. This is what trauma team at hospital train a lot on. Something we as outdoor nerds also would be good at. With mental target image training we can improve our ability in the area. So trough training to avoide the emotional way of making decisions you will be better to make the right decisions…


Februari 60 years ago in beginning of Februari a 10 man  expedition lead by Igor Djatlev from Ural Technical Collage, started  for ascending the mountain Cholat Siachi (The meager mountain). They never came back. Three weeks after they were expected to be back the relatives asked for a search of them. They were found a couple of days later. Two of them was found under a three, There was trace in the fir were they have had as a shelter. Three others were found dead on the way back to the tent, The other was found dead in a gully. Despite a lot of investegations there has not been any explanation of what happened that night. The first theory was that a inuite was the perpetrator, but there was no footprints from any other than the memebers of the expedition, The victims have used a knife for getting out of the tent. They havd left the tent without boots nor warm clothing. So the question is – could it have been a avalange or a very strong wind from the mountain? After 60 years we still dont know the reason to the accident. The victims also got strange damage on their bodys. One of the two women in the exedition was found with out her tounge. There was also trace of radition of some of the clothes that was found. This leads to a trace of that the expedition have went in to a test area for the army and a missile has explode close to them. The investigator that was in charge, were called home to his superior when the bodies was found. When he went back he was sealed and did not cooperate with the rest of the staff within the investegation.  Another remarkable thing was that the participants of the expedition was very skilled and got all the right equipment for this type of challenges. So it it quite intreating of what has happended. Was it an avalange? was it yeti? Was it a missile, was it a fighting jet that make them think it was a avalange? Will we ever know what really happen the 2:nd of February in 1959?

The Sweden Mid University has been given funding for a four year research program for the effects of sports and outdoor life in nature and environment. Mistra has given support of 56 milj swedish crones. An important ant interesting program.

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