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I’ve been writing a lot about safety here. When doing outdoor activities there will always be a part of risk included in it. Outdoor activity as a art is about feeling the fear, expectation and scary. But it should be like riding a rollercoaster, were you have a lock for not falling out. It will be the same in outdoor activities. But here you (as a guide, or parent or organizer) will be the ”lock”. From my point of view,this area become more and more important. The reason threfore is that the season and the global warming up will affect the outdoor environment. Also all new activities will also affect the risk factors. So to begin with I will present the diffrent parts of the Risk Management. Then I will present all diffrent parts in details in the upcoming blogs. Risk Management consists of: Risk planning which includes risk value etc. The next step will be risk awerness, here you will describe all risks that can be occure. Then the next step will be risk avoidance, how can I reduce the risk and risk factors. Then the time has come to risk mitigation. After that part there will be a definition and how to hadle common risks, and also exampel from real life. And at the end the formula, how to work with risks in a proper and structure way. Now you as a private person and not guide ask what is it for me? Well you can use parts of it, I will have special updates for you in the ”chapters”.

Risk Planning; Normally we got a general coreplan for this. But you still need to make a plan for every single occasion. Every activity will be uniqe due to weather, area and participants etc. Here you can start with thinking trough the whole activity from A-Z and what can be the risks? When you have define all risks it is time to value them. Then a matrix can be useful. After you have define all risk, and have them evaluated you think trough it again and may ask some else to check and thing together with you. Step one is now done. Here you got an example of a useful matrix. The likelihood and the consequense will be the main lines here.

  • For you as a private person, you can think for just a specific activity day. For example, the family is about to ski in a ski-area. What can happen? Blisters, spraining, the family migt be devided, if its cold frostbite might be a risk etc.

Ok so here we go, next blog will be about risk awerness…

See ya soon..

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  1. What a film Bergman. I can imagine you get eager getting out iceclimbing this winter.
    Then its good with the risk management matrix.
    Important here is that one needs to know what kind of accidents that can uccur to undertake the risk management. If one doesn’t have that you hire a guide…


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