Autumn, workout and preparing..

The autumn is here, and there has been to Little of rock climbing. When passing Ryssgraven today, I was thinking that I haveepected more Cliff climbing this year. But it has been a lot of other interesting adventures:-). 

When it comes to the workout, it follows the planning. Fighting, strength, endurance and now wall climbing. It will be a real interesting autumn.

For reconecting to last weeks topic, also Visita has notice that the visit in the Swedish Mountains has increased. A interview with one of the German visitor he told us about that there is hard to find a spot to be alone in the mountain Environment. Here I can give you a suggestion: Contact a mountain leader. We know places that is really nice, and were you will be all alone. I have at least about 75 places at one on my mind…

Now its time to start the Winter planning, here I give you a suggestion of Equipment for a cabin tour. 

A backpack at 35L. A shovel, so you can dig a shelter or a Cave. A windshelter, a emergency sleeping bag,Thermos, a first aid kit, plasters and a sleeping mat, goggles, Compass, a small stove, a balaclava and a extra layer, emergency food and a extra pair of socks.

A nice spot Close to Sylarna…

See ya soon…

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