Preparing for the winter…

Tarfala research station, in Kiruna area.

The autumn is here for sure. The cold is biting us in the nose, me and the husky really loves to breath in the cold air. The expectation and the smell of adventure follows with the air. Now we got a couple
of weeks for preparing of the pre-winter and the winter season. It’s time for checking the headlamp, and sharpening the ice axes… After a couple of “full” weeks, it’s time for some recovery. This period
is perfect for assembling the thoughts. With an intensive work for the Swedish Mountain Leader organization, I think we become what we wanted to be. The members give us good feedback, so we
know we are on the right track. Being a part of the Utefest was also good and important, that from a couple ofangels. We got a good role as an influencer for mountain safety in the Swedish environment. The guiding for my own company must stand back a bit, but it will be an intensive winter I hope. So, if you are interested in a winter tour, please contact me for an arrangement. To summing up this summer
season the tourist visit has increased. Comparing to the last year, the visiting in the Mountains environment is Sweden has increased with 8%. One thing that is remarkable is that Vindelfjallen and
Rogen area has increased with 20%. From an environmental perspective that is good, because then the pressure will be left from the most popular spots. Sylarna has its all-time high I July this year.
Valadalen has an increase 26% in June + July.

News on the market:
A new book for outdoor enthusiasts. The “Everything I loved more” is about a young man searching for sincere adventures along the tops of freight and mountain ranges. As he explains how he recorded all feelings and adventures instead of calling his girlfriend to let her know he hadn’t fallen while free solo climbing. The review overall of the book is top and bottom. But being a outdoor freak you will probably likeit.

When it comes to climbing back packs, the mystery ranch will be a new brand for me. With a background of deliver backpacks to the Military and to the fire brigades, they got good knowledge of special features. Here comes their comment about the Scepter sacks:

Before now, we figured that our three-zip daypacks could be adapted easily for climbers. They’re built to be ripped open. But even though they allow you full access, we didn’t have a good way to
attach a rope. The top-loader Scepters make that easier and better. The lid opens from the body side of the pack so that if you & #39;re on a hanging belay, you can just clip the pack in and easily catch
everything instead of fighting the lid. You can clip stuff on the upper inside of the pack so it's all there and ready to be pulled out one-handed. We’ve also done a lot of work to make them as light as
possible and strippable, so you can get a nice clean profile if it must go through a tight spot.

l get you skilled to handled it better during the Winter. Today I will focusing of the navigation at Winter condition. Due to the change in the environ due to the global heating, you have to take that in considiration when choosing routes. The ice will not be the same as it has been before. Also if you travel with ice-axe you must bear in min that the axe can affect the Compass(especially the head of the axe). During Winter the sight will be reduced, so that you have to handle. Have controll of the time, and make sure you use bearing of the Compass. If its going to be ”White out” you need to know the distance and bearing. Also use ”short steps” when you orientering during Winter environment. It is easy to go wrong with big gloves etc. And always, always carry a windshelter in the back pack.

This week it was a interview with me as a guide in the local post. A nice repotage about as working as a guide…


See ya soon…

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