Wading, running and a nice hike with experience..

So here I sit after 30k of movement. 15k speed hike with the husky and 15k X-country running. I Think I am a really mountain man. And how do I define one? well, if the two most important thoughts going on in your mind is the last mountain tour and your next upcoming. Then you are a real mountain man:-)

It is late June, and the sun is already high in the sky even if it’s still morning. The air is crispy, and stilla bit cold. With just a small degree over zero. I’ve park the car in Vallbo a Sami village, known by its chapel. I can see were the trail starts and I am getting ready for the days challenge. Today I am heading for the
isjodalen towards Halladalen to Anaris mountain cabin. The first part of the trail is big and easy to
follow. After a couple of kilometer, I pass a couple of hikers in their tent. It is early season, so I am a
bit surprise that is more people here. The weather is fine, and I have good speed. I am not aware of
the trouble that is awaiting ahead. The surface under my feet starting to get wet, and when I am
close to Gronvallen its not a trail anymore. It has now become a creek and the closer I got to
Gronvallen the more it looks like a flood. I jump over the tuft and try to avoid the cold water until I
give up and run in the flood. I pass the sign that direct me toward the Issjodalen. Suddenly, the water
under my feet disappear. And I got into the valley. The sun his heating the air, and it’s a fantastic day.
It’s like being in a movie like the lords of the rings. In front of me ridges with snow, and on the right
mounds. Soon I reach the kings hunting cabin and passed uphill’s toward Halladalen. Haven’t meet a
person since the hikers the first kilometer. When passing the passage between Stor-anahogen and
Tjearmehketjoele I got the first snow under my trail shoes. From here the trail will be less used, and I
must look to the ground to not lose it. When I pass Tjielkenjuenie on my right hand, I can see the
target of the day for the first time. Far away there it is, a small cabin the Anaris cabin. The trail down
(yes it goes down, but now my feet and legs are tired) to the cabin is nice, but heavy. When reaching
the cabin, I can find it empty. The cabin host is probably out for an adventure. I take a refreshing bath
in the small mountain lake near the cabin. Later in the evening the cabin host is back, and I got the
opportunity to be able to by some things. So, meatballs with mashed potatoes will be the dinner of
the day. After a long day on the run, it’s time to sleep. The view from the cabin is fantastic, and that
is the last scenery before I passed out in the land of dreams. Next morning its early morning. Just
after 0500 I am on track again. Now following the north side of Kruptjie and Staalavielie down toward
to the transition of Tvaran and further towards Tomroven (such a funny name) and to Vallbo. The last
part of the trail goes by ski track, and easy to run. A fast shower at Per-Ols courtyard, and then
heading toward home…

And what was the experience of this tour? Well first, understand the Sami’seight seasons. (Spring Winter, spring, pre summer, summer, pre autumn, autumn, pre Winter and last Winter) That will help you to choose when you should go to the mountains. Contact the locals
to check the water levels and status. But here I must say, use your instinct. Yoy and the locals might not have the same experince about what high water level is:-) Third, it is very important to stop and check map and terrain. Idid a big mistake here, I thought a ridge was another and thought it was less left to go than it really
was. (This will be more important when you run). So plan the day tour in detail. Identify some Catch up signs among the route, that will help you to navigate and plan the time left to go.

Leadership from a view…Working with groups can be challenging. Here come some thoughts aboutit. First people love to form groups. It is nailed in our DNS for survival. With requirement for being in
the group makes it more interesting. We value more to be in a group with requirement. To follow the valuable norms and rules is also important, this for being a part of the group. Being a leader of a
group includes high status. Normally it is better to point out a leader from the own organization. If he or she have follows the rules and norms and had add new good ideas it will benefit the Groups development. Rumors and gossip, when it comes to this area the research has conclude that 80% of this got some true within it. You must decide how much you should listen to it…Today we have a lot
of thing that we use to value us with. Social media, series on the television youtuber etc. I think we as leader have a very important job to missionary the positivism. If it takes four time to get positive
after one negative thought, so here we all got a mission…

Reading the book Swedish mountain sport by Torsten Boberg and Gosta Olander will teach us a lot about mountain knoeledge. Even if the book is from 1935. Today I will give you an example of their view of wading. A princip of wading is to do it were the river is broad. The water will here be spread over a bigger area. But there is Always a furrow were it is deeper. It Always looks less Deep, then it really is. The speed of the stream is Always something you have to count on. A wade will take a lot of effert from you, so ypu have to be prepared. So if you are going to wade, rest and eventually eat so you are ready for it.

A friend ask me one time, -if you have to choose a motor bike, what type would it be? Well, i asked a costoum like HD or a real killer a Kawasaki was my answer. So its Cleardance Clearwater revival or Brittney Spear he said. -well something like that i asked. So here is the Music of the day related to that:-)

See ya soon..


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  1. What a great story about the mountsin running Uffe. Almost felt I was runni g with you and saw the lansdscapes. Nice descriptions.
    Thats right that a mountainman always have the nature and adventure in mind…


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