Down or Primaloft…


When it comes to the choice of middle layers you got different options. You got down or primaloft and what shall you choose? Down is more senceible of moist, but it Wight less. So how should you Think?! Well, it is quite easy. A down jacket with a good quality is Always very compact to keep the down ”inside”. The primaloft is very good to use when you doing activity with high intesity. So from that Point the heading is wrong, it should say: down and primaloft. For making the choice even harder there is also hybrids of the material. The Black Diamond jacket got primaloft in the main part and down in the arms. But the choise will be: for heating and to warm you should use down. For activity with high intensity in Cold areas, use the primaloft..and hood? That will be a personal choice if you like that or not… Stellar Equipment got a nice Primaloft jacket..


This week has been a real good workout week. Two wall climbing session with 6C as a challenge, a lot of strength and also a lot of endurance. So I am getting prepard for the upcoming Kebnekaise event..

The finger strengt will be tested at a 6C climb..And yea, thats my hand and fingers:-)


See ya soon..

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  1. Goor luck with the guiding at Kebnekaise Ulf. Great that you have been training like crazy the last week (or years??). I think the group will be satified.
    I always go for down. Helsport have started to treat their down for extra performance in moist conditions.
    The best way is to stay high or arctic. Where its always cold…


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