Spring winter and about sportification:-)

Now we are in the spring winter. A nice season, which including skiing among a lot of other activities.
If we look into the program you will not be able to sit back and relaxing, which of course also will be
an option…
22-24/3 The outdoor fair at Alvsjo,
5-7/4 Ski alpinism weekend at Storulvan. https://www.teamnordictrail.se/loparresor/toppturshelg/
9-14/4 Fjallraven Polar,https://www.press.fjallraven.com/story/fjaellraeven-polar-2019.html
7-14/4 Extreme sports gathering at Riksgransen, https://www.esgwinter.se/
13-18/4 Pure Tarfala,
5-6/4 Keb Classic, http://kebclassic.se/vinter/
18-22/4 Pure Freeride camp, and I will also remind you about that Via Ferrata.se at Skuleberget will
open 1 st of May. So, you don’t need to idle the upcoming period.

The research of trends in the mountain environment. Klas Sandell has done a research about rural
tourism and outdoor life “Landscape relations in change” One of his early findings in the research
was the “sportification and outdoor activities goes indoors. It is a clear shifting to accomplishment,
action and commercialization and equipment. The number of competition such as Kebnekaise Classic
or Vikingarannet is two good examples of this. The measurement of result is important. When it
comes to indoorisation this will mean that typical outdoor activities move indoors, such as climbing
etc. But we can also see VR, white water paddling track indoor and so on. The interesting in this will
be that it will be less important of the “cooperate” with the landscape. In this research the result tells
us that 15-30% prioritize the Swedish mountain environment high. But the result does not tell us if it
is a special area or just the Swedish mountains that is important. Almost the same 10-30% prioritizing
the activity before the location of the activity. The rest in the research in in the between of these
extremes. Today it is 10-15% of the Swedish public that has have some experience of sport and
competition event in the Swedish mountain environment. There is just a few of them who has
participate. About 10% wants to see more of it but more than the half of the asked does not need
this type of activities.

Spring means also a lot of new stuff. To start with Climbing Technology has a new hoodie for the spring. https://www.climbingtechnology.com/en/outdoor-en/clothing/runout-ombre-blue

And Camp – Cassin  got a interesting back pack. The Eghen 35 is a nice climbing back pack. https://www.camp-usa.com/outdoor/product/packs/eghen-35/


See ya soon..

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  1. Interesting blogg Uffe. The research from dr. Sandell and others are interesting. Its great with inndoortraining to get stronger but its the outdooradventures that counts.

    Have a great tour to the mountains this weekend Ulf.


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