Humility and age…

Okey, so here I stand in the middle of Life. The risk will be to become a grumpy old man knowing everything in the best way. I Think with the age a good portion of humility would have become. Becuse of having experinece and knowledge it dosent mean it will be a better skill or experinnce comparing to a 20 year old collegue or mate.

With a lot of new upcoming adventures, I will have  more humility attitude:-).

When it comes to hotel, I Think I found one of the ones I want to travel to. In Campoluc the cmp zero looks like the paradise. Skiing during the day, and ice/wall climbing as after ski..



Matti Nykänen the Finish skieer has died, and a whole nation mourn him. He was a real fantastic and charismatic person. Here comes some of his qoutes:

Every chans in Life is a possiblity..

Life is the persons best time..

Jesus also was stoned one time, but he is also worldfamous..

Shall we agree over that you are a janitor and I am a worldchampion


See ya soon

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