Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
First I will start with a poem, for a Norweigan poet. ”Den lykke du söker bak blånende fjell, kan hende du alltid har eiert den sjelv. Du skall icke jage i hvillös ring, men lär dig elske de naere ting”. Arne Paashe Aasen.
And now it is time for summing up 2018.
A valanche, April and a avanache course in Åre. Real good training and real good skiing.
B e true to yourself, I think it is important to do what you want. So think, plan and surround yourself with people who support your thinking. Catch your goal, your life you want to live.
C uralla, this year most challenging Via Ferrata. This one was mor like a adventure track rather a Via Ferrata.
D ocksta, a village you normally just pass. But if you like Via Ferrata, the name starts a desire in your mind…
E naforsholm, This winter tour we was living at this place. Nice food and perfect rooms. With the sledge dog in front of me, I meet the king and queen of Sweden in the ske track. So this year even with a royal touch.
F reuchen, and Peter Freuchen was a new acquaintance. This tough explorer from Denmark, that also started the Advetureers club of Denmark.
G uiding, a couple of guidings to Skuleberget. Always very nice there…
H olistic knowledge, you must know and got skills about all your Equipment. GPS, Spot-tracker, Compass and altimeter for mention some. Practice at home so you can use it in the Mountains when needed..
I nterviews, this year the blog has been updated with the interviews. It has been very interesting, and educational. It also has been very fun to learn toknow this people more. Thank you all for letting me interview you!
J amtland, the playground of all. Chamonix is nice, but to Jamtland I always will return. Here you got it all. The highligt of the year must be the ascend of Lillulvåfjället with the family, including the Husky.
K nots, with a slap of the flu, it ended up in training with rope and knots. This with increased skills.
L es Cheserys lake, this area can be reached from Argentieré or from Flagieré. It is very nice a you will for sure get nice shots over the Mont Blanc massif…
M ore focus on the environment. Yes we must be more careful of our environment. Read Naomi Kleins ”this change everything” and your jurney with the enviroment will start..
N orthern Peak of Kebnekaise, this was the year the Northern Peak passed the Southern in height. This will have impact in the ara how the guiding etc. will be set up. Looking into it with big interest.
O pen mind, what does this mean? well, you must dare to question yourself. Try something new the upcoming year. I will for sure.
P rogress, when it comes to workout it is two things that is important; one variation. And two, to have a program to follow. This year I have got PR in bench press with 100kg.
Q ualifyed mountain leader, after the avalanche course I got the full qualification as Mountain Leader.
R ole model, you must strive for getting better. One of the best things is to get yourself a role model. And by the way, try to be one yourself. For me it will mean; be a better listener during 2019.
S ylarna, well Jamtland in generally but Sylarna in particular when it comes to the area. The Sylarna traverse, still lounging for you and in 2019…And now Sylarna also got its restaurant in place. Need to try that one…
T hinking out of the box, this is one of my trademark. I always try to challenge my self in different ways.
U ltimate gear, what is that? Well I will keep on testing and trying. This years brand is Stellar Equipment. Good price and with a excellent function/finnish.
V ia Ferrata, with the right equipment and a Via Ferrata in Cham. This year has been good. But I really would have liked to test the one in Loen. But maybe 2019..
W indshelter, I never  leave for outdoor adventures without my windshelter. This is one of themmost important gearto bring. You can also complement it with a rescue sleeping bag and other stuff.
Z ero, days without workout was the goal. But the flu got me. One week off, but totally over 740 workouts this year, well I think it is approved.

And the Music of the year…

See ya at sunday…

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  1. Great summary of the year Ulf. Thank you for all the interesting blogg posts. It been inspiering. At this very moment 8 years ago, we spent at Aconcagua basecamp. Hope we can go back another year again. Wish you a happy new year mate.


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