20th of december and mountain story

The first ascend of Kebnekaise North Peak(Winter)

Today we got the 20th of December, and soon we got Christmas. The topicof the day will be mountain storys. First of all a story about ascending the North peak of Kebnekaise. Wednesday the 15th of April 1925 a small Company was travelling in Northt direction. The day after Three men was leaving the train in Kiruna. It was Three men with the face marked of wind and hard weather. At lunch time they left Kiruna by skiis for an attempt of ascending Kebnekaise North and South peak. After a night at Pirttivuopio, the tour continued towards Nikkulahti were they meet the legendary sami Nils Sarri,, as agreed should follow them to the montain station. One night at the staion and they started to prepair for the ascend. 25kg for each of the participants and almost 35kg for Sarri.

With snow up to the hip, the ascent was force tentatively. The supply was calculated to last for Three Days. The skiis was left at slope between Tuolpagorni and Rieppovare. The weather was good, and the wind was calm. At 18.30 the top cabin was reached. The cabin was hidden under the snow, so they had to diggit out. After 30 minutes the work was done and they took the cabin in possesion.

After a bastant dinner the Company started ascending the South top of Kebnekaise. At the same time as the sunset, and slowly the night was coming. The next day it was time for the ascedning of first the South peak keep on to the Ridge over to the North peak and back again. Thew weather was fine but much colder then the day Before..The distnce between the peaks is just 800m. Everything Went fine and the party reach the northern peak at 12 a Clock. Of a sudden the men is getting out of there Dreams, a paper from the camera protection goes up in the air of the wind. The weather is shifting. .The Ridge must be taken in a hurry. Late in the evening they are back in the top cabin. Late dinner, and then breaks the hell loose. A Winter storm at 2000m is notheing you play with. they will be stranded until Friday. And then they can descend back to the mountain station.

And Another first ascend. David Lama Lunag Ri

See ya tomorrow friends…

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  1. Great stories from the old good days. The mountains are the same but Im longin for the remotenes. The leave the modern world behind and go offline. Then you are more online to yourself. Just like the legends in the past. Good work Bergman.


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