17th of December and about Sylarna

Today it will be about Sylarna. There is no mountain station i feel so much for as Sylarna. It is in a high alpine area, and close to the Norweigan border.  Winter or summer you Always got some new adventure to discover. During the Winter you can ski to Nedalshytta or just go to ascend the Vaktåklompen, with a fantastic view. Or in the summer hike into the tempel valley and enjoy the nature and the calm over the mountain. It is Always with a feeling of excitement and expectation I come here, and with a bit of sadness when I leave…I good suggestion is to go to Helags or to Gasen. This instead of doing the Jamtlandtriangle as usual. The Winter here is something special if you havent been here. The ”moon” landscape is very Beautiful. If you got the chans skiing in the moonlight is a very special experience.

And now this weeks quiz, last weeks answer was Sulitelma. This week it will be math.

The offical heigt of Mont Everest: XXXX

The Official heigt of Galdhöpiggen(reduce) -XXXX

The year  Sven Hedin ascend Mt Damavand:(reduce) -XXXX

The year the Swedish icebreaker Oden reached the Northpole (add)+XXXX

The first ascend of Cho Oyo(reduce) -XXXX

Sum:  XXXX

Answer you send to +46 702 50 90 28 at latest Thursday

See ya tomorrow…




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