6th of December and Via Ferrata.


6th of December and Santa is on his way.

Today it is the 6th of December, and the Christmas is coming up closer. Today I will write about Via Ferrata. Nothing is as good as a day of Via Ferrata. What I like with the Via Ferrata is, that it in no rules (except the safety rules of course). It is the climber’s choice, how to do it. And it is a link between hiking and climbing. The perfect entry for climbing. As a reward, you will have a fantastic view. Another advantage is that you can do it yourself, but of course you normally will get a more holistic experience with friends.

The severity differs, and there is different scale for the difficulties. The French, The Austrian, the two different Germans and the Italian. The Italian scale has been adopted by UUIA in 2016 as an international standard. from F, PD, D, TD, ED. So, you just should choose which one that suits and challenge you.

In Sweden, we got Skuleberget, Kebnekaise, Funasdalen and the Kullen area. In the Dolomites, you get a lot of different ones you can choose from. Also in southern Germany, Switzerland and in the French alps as well. Here follow some short advices; Get out early, this will help you to avoid the crowd. And as a bonus you often got good weather. Were gloves and a small backpack. This will help you to avoid blisters, in the back pack you can bring some beverage and a jacket for bad weather. Clip in as far forward as you can. This will help you to be safe, and remember just one at each section at the time. You must commit. It not easy to turn, you need to fulfil the action. So, once you are clipped in, you must continue. Be aware of the elements. At a Via Ferrata you will be exposed. So be aware of slippery parts, and unlock from the wire in thunderstorms.


Todays christmas gift suggestion:

And the Winner of the quiz this week:  Mikael, and the price is  the book Min historia av Petter Northug.

See ya tomorrow..


And todays clue for the quiz: During the 1800 people thought the higest peak in Sweden was here..

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  1. Ohhh did I win:-) 🙂 and a very good price, thank you!
    It’s a pitty we don’t have any ‘big’ mountains nearby sthlm, like the one in the movie.


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