4th of December, Gear..

Door four and you about equipment will learn more. 

Equipment this dear topic. We all know a lot and got our own view of this, so from that point of view see this as just an advice… The base where you should do the big invest will be the; base layer, boots and shell layer.

The Base layer. Most important is to not become wet. So, you must ventilate and open and take of mid-layer etc. If not, it doesn’t matter what base layer you wearing. You will be wet, and you will freeze. A good advice is to stop after the first 20 minutes of an activity, to suit the clothing. And now we can talk about the material. If you are going to have intensive physical activity, you might can use synthetic. But I always prefer wool. The advantage with wool is that it always warming, even when its wet. And you will not become a hero when you are boiling water in a cabin and not smelling sweat.

When it comes to boots, you just must analyze what activity you are going to perform. Stiff sole or a flexible one. Are you going to use crampons, you will need stiff sole. I always prefer a stiff sole, I will get a better support for my feet’s, but others like the flexible ones. I will not dig into mountaineering boots because that can be a story by its self… The Gore-Tex boots got a lining, that protect you from blisters. But as all Gore-Tex you need to clean it for fully function of transport moist.

Shell layer. I will never leave for the mountains without a Gore-Tex jacket. What is important for me is that the pockets are deep, so things not fall out when opening it. The pocket should be placed high so you can wear harness under (for us mountaineers which climbs) It shall have a hood, big enough so you can wear helmet under. I also like to have zipper for ventilation under the arms/back. As mention before, take good care of your Gore-Tex equipment, wash it and waterproof it after. Jacket you can choose after own taste and feeling. I like small details such as pocket at the arm for compass keeping for example.

Here comes same new climbing stuff for us climbing nerds. Most of this gear is not available at the market yet…

New backpacks from Climbing Technology, Alpha from Arcetryx and news from Mammut during 2019.





A light ice axe for the mountaineerer from Blue ice will be available in the beginning of next year.





New belay devices. You can buy the soon..

AustriAlpin, Beal and Edelrid got new equipment coming up..








Choucas harness from Blue Ice and Akatta from Rock Empire is new for 2019.








New shoes during 2019: Butora Sensa Pro and Black Diamond Z



And the clue for the quiz today: There is a village in the area with approx. 425 inhabitants.(In Norway).

Todays christmas gift suggestion:










See ya tomorrow..


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