Forgotten and unknowned trails, The small adventures..

In the mountains we sometimes forgot the trails that other people dont use so often. You can look on the map, and if you are attentive you sometimes can se the old sami-trails in the terrain. One of my favourites is the trail from Vallbo to Anararis cabin, and goes trough the issjodalen over the passage South of Stor Ana Hogen. The trail is easy until the passage South of Stor Ana Hogen. Here it is uphills and it will be shingle until you reach the Anaris area were a seascape will be in your sight. You have a couple of kilometers left, and you can see the cabin. Though trail is very exposed, and the marking is just for sommer trail. You need to got experince for this one. If you will dig into forgotten trails you might read one of Torsten Boberg books, that will give you new ideas.

Number two is not forgotten, but not so knowned. Nordkalottleden(North Artic Trail) can be devided into three part or you do it all at ones. Whith  800km it will be challenge to all at the same time. The Daily stages are so long so need to bring the tent. It goes from Kautokeino to Kvikkjokk. So the trail passe Three countries,

The Nordkalotten trail goes through Sweden, Norway and Finland..


The interview serie continues, so far it has been 9 diffrent interviews. And it has been very rewarding.


Dont forgot the small adventures, why dont hike in your near, set up a Bonfire and take a coffee. A coffee outside taste much better..

Small adventures is nice…

When it comes to ice climbing the hands is a challenge. You must keep the warm and at the same time it is to get them Cold and wet..So I have tested the Camp G Comp Warm. This is a hybride. A finger glove with a coating. So when your are ”stand by” you can warm your hand and fingers up. So far I Think its good. But I need to test it in real Cold weather, so  I will ome back with a feedback. But it is a good glove that has got a good grip, and a thought thrue solution. so so far 4,5 out of five(but not in real Cold weater, it has not been tested)

See ya soon…

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