21st of December about Mountains stations..

So here we go, open the 21th door.

After a long day on skis, or climbing it is a relief enter the door of an mountain station. After a night at Col du Midi in snow and thunderstorm it feels snuggly to enter the Hut de Cosmique.

A coffee at the Cosmique, will cheers you up. Especially after a night in thunderstorm at 3600m..



Hike up to albert 1st, get the first acclimatization. Then you also can start the training with crampons, ice axes and rope-team. There are lot of nice climbs/routes in the near.

Chamonix also means Lac Blanc. This is a easy but nice tour. You will for sure not get disappointed. The Lac Blanc always deliver..

Lac Blanc, as always delivers..

A funny history, Claes Grundsten took pictures for Haglofs product catalogue here. We thought it was in the wilderness..Guess about our surprise when we realised it was close to a refuge..

One of the refuges that is seldom visit is the Grand Mulet’s hut. The reason is that during summer it is very hard to get there. Lots of crevasses will make the rout dangerous. But during winter, this is one of the most common straight route up to Mont Blanc.

Grand Mulet’s hut, one of the more of wind and cold exposed hut´s

See ya soon.

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  1. Great with some stories about the french huts. They differ a litle from the swedish huts thats always situated on the walleyfloor, compared to some of the huts in the alps hat balancing on summits and ridges.
    Remember the good coffe in the cosmichut and the wievs from Lac Blanc. One year I will go back with you there Ulf.


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