Real good workout, Expose and Environment. Positive attitude and positive thinking.

Sunday morning. Woke up this morning of a wet nose. The husky wanted to have a morning walk. So we went out, it begun in the dark, and then the sun set. A wonderful morning and a fine day has just begun.

When it comes to the workout, things are falling in place. Yesterday it was a real good workout.

10 minutes (10 x bench-press, 10 x push-ups, 10 x hammer-curls)

10 minutes (10 x bent over row, 10x Burpees over BB, 10 x strict-press)

10 minutes (10 x calf-raises, 10 x lounges with high knees/see movie, 10 x sprint sit-ups)

15 x 3 bench-press and cool down and stretch..

So building up  a good base for upcoming adventures.

Becoming a real mountaineerer, follow this advices:-) this is the shit..

Last blog I wrote I will continue with the wilderness first aid. Now we have come to Expose and environment. When you have gone trough the L-A-B-C-D, then it times for E. Using the S-A-M-P-L-E.

Symptoms, the main inconvenience. A subjective description of the situation. Allergies, the knowledge of pet allergies or medication allergies. Medications, if the victim use any medicine at the moment or else. Past, previous history of diseases etc. Last ins/outs when the victim last drink or eat and last defected. Events what happened before the illness/accident.

At last a bit about positive attitude and how to programming the mind in the right way..

And you, getting angry will affect your immune system negative for up to 7 hours, but a laugh will strengthen the immune system for the same time..

And be a wolf…going your own way..always focused on your target..

See ya soon..

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  1. Holy Mountains Uffe. You look strong.
    You keep a great schedule for Your training.. well thats whats keep you look like a fighter.

    Continue with the work out, (and train for hard weather in the carwash 🙂


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