Listen actively..

The vacation period here in Sweden, and it is time for the ordinary routines. But this means an opportunity for some changes. First of all don’t let the week just contain the weekends. Then you loose a lot of your life…

Live the whole week, not just Friday-Sunday..

”Is everything well? ” one of the most common question. The thing is that the question will not give you more than an short answer, because of the meaning of the question. Why don’t ask ”how is it?” instead. And you, listen actively. then you will really know how your mat are doing and feel..

And the training; fully focus for the upcoming challenges. A guiding tour and also a obstacle race. With a lot of strength combined with endurance I am on the track.

Cross-fit, combined workout you never get tired of..

With a team-workout on Friday I was satisfied. We reach the target, and we all was totally exhausted afterword’s.

The mountains isn’t got any agenda..

Mont Blanc isn’t got any agenda..

Sometimes people get lost in the mountain environment. The opposite we seldom can read about. The history of all people that had find home again, found the power, the solution of a complex problem or the life they were hunting but never caught? The mountains are still there year after year. The mountains are calling and I must go..

And now over to some new stuff.

The Spot tracker has been one of the few company with equipment for lonely adventures. Helping out in emergency situation. Now a new solution has presented to the market.

GoTele a new product for safety on the adventure..


With goTele, you can stay connected even when your phone has no service. By using GPS and long range radio technology you can communicate in the most remote places, at festivals or shows where cell towers are overloaded, on ski slopes with spotty service, or even in foreign countries where you don’t have coverage.

The next new product is a boot from Scarpa.

This boot is developed for fast speed mountaineering. With its light weight you can get a real fast ascend of the mountain. But remember my words: light is not always right:-).

This monthly review will be Millet M.s Roc flame XCS pant a mountaineering pant, witch has been developed together with Guides de Chamonix. so now I will test them..

Listen actively on your friends and..

See ya next Sunday..





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  1. So true about weekdays…trying to find and enjoy whenever possible, easier now than oct-mars. But we have ice climbing to look forward to.
    Some new boots perhaps;-)


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