A sustainable Life..

This week has been quite interesting. The plan was to go up to the north of Sweden for trail-running with my husky. But he got some trouble with his paw. So I have to rethinking. The result was a lot of climbing and down hill cycling.

Climbing, climbing and climbing.

So a lot of wall climbing, perfect for the technique and strength. Developing but missing Mikael’s comment for developing…

But Thursday was a real good day. I went to Jarvso for down hill cycling..


Down hill cycling at Jarvso, a fantastic day..

So the down hill cycling, was tough, both from a physical as well as from a physical perspective. The grade of the trails was perfect and you could easy choose the right one for your..

And now over to something complete different…Well I think we all got a responsible for a sustainable world and life. As explorer and adventurer we travel a lot, and we will influence the environment in different ways. At the same time, I think it is very important that we travel. I can see compering to others that travellers got significantly more understanding for other cultures, religion and governance. But don’t you ever forget that the best adventure can be just around the corner..The movement must start from some ware, maybe with small steps..

Today we get information of all fantastic places we must visit. All mountains to climb, all rivers to raft.. But there is so incredible much you not have to..Euripides wrote 400 before Christ: If you want to make a human happy, don’t give him/her wealth. But take some of hers/his wishes away from him/her. There ones was a business man, he needed to recover. He has heard about a monastery, and decided to live there for a couple of days. The monk told him that everything was  voluntary, he showed him his room and explained the routines. The monk was very kind, and he said: by the way Mr, if there is something you lacking, please tell us and we will for sure learn you how to live without it…

The easy way of living..??

Getting a team. If you want to improve and develop, you need help. I have said it before you need support from a team. people who can challenge you or get you support and even peace, quiet. I have the opportunity to get friends who can help me out with this. 52 years old and still feeling as a rookie in some areas, that nice…

Get yourself a dream team to surround you with..It will help..

See ya soon…


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