Life is good..

Yesterday there was a tough workout, thank you Marcus for that:-). Today I started with a fast hike with my husky, there was no wind at all, what a morning. Then I went for a rock climbing session, very good for the strength and for the mind as well. During the week one of my friend ask me, -how can you workout so much? How do you got the time and all the energy? It is a very good question, and I had to think about it. But the answer is quite easy: I got the energy from it(all the things I do, workout, challenges etc.), and the time, it is to prioritize what you want to do…And at that moment, when I got the answer it comes to my mind. Life is good…

When the activity/workout give you energy, go for it..

When it comes to equipment, there are some new gear. I also will test some new stuff.

Black Diamond has present a climbing shoe..I will always be a bit suspicious when a producer start developing a new sort of Product..But this one looks fine to me.

La Sportiva has a new hiking shoe in there series. The Nucleo,   is “perfect for hikers who want a medium-duty boot” and backpackers looking for a waterproof option that “breathes well and supports moderate loads.”

I am always looking into details and practical and thoughtful solutions. And this month I will test the Salomon X Alp 3L black jacket.

Salomon has a good jacket which is stripped for lower the weight. But still has got some interesting solutions. The ventilation is one of them. This one will get real hard tested and a evaluation will be written here..

This week workout suggestion to try will be:

Reverse wall climb.

Find a spot and try to walk sideways ~10m

The second will be the crocodile walk.

!0m forward and 10m backward, a real good exercise..

This weeks music Pocke Öhström (from Tredje mannen for those who remember..)

See ya soon, and Life is good, Hugs to all of you from me.



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