One of this mornings..

Woke up early on Saturday. The sun was shining in to the bedroom. I dressed and went out with my husky. It was one of those pre summer day. The sun was shining, but the air still fresh. Everything in the nature was growing. You could really feel it. This period gives a lot of energy, so spending more time there will give more energy and power. The mind starts to find new ideas, adventures and opportunities, so now my mind is full of ideas…

Aguille du Midi, Chamonix a dream for an adventurer..

When it comes to the workout, a new step has been taken. New gym and new programing. So at last, back on track again.

Fully On track with the workout again..

When it comes to upcoming adventures, there will be a tour to Chamonix in August. A summer without a visit there is not a real summer…Some tours to Skuleberget for Via Ferrata of course. The new for this summer will be the downhill cycling, looking forward to that.

Now we also got the opportunity to offer a tailored adventure if you want. So look under “our services” and find out what your adventure would be..Challenge us.

See ya soon

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