Suggestion of activities during the summer..and two more new exercises..

Today it is the national day in Sweden, so what will be better then present different kind of challenges/activities to do in Sweden during this summer.

Summer is meant for activities..

I will present activities in the middle of Sweden, the reason is that then it will be reachable for all of us..

First of all I will begin with Skule area. The Skuleskogen in common, but Via Ferrata in particular. A well developed area with well marked trails, wind shelters with woods for the bonfire. But most of all a fantastic Via Ferrata with all service, and a adrenaline kick for those who dares:-) And you do for sure..

Skuleskogen, perfect for hiking and trail running..

Via Ferrata at the red-route at Skuleberget. This might be yoyr challenge this summer.

Now we will move to Åre, this fantastic area with so much activities to do during the summer. Here I will suggest the water activities, either the rafting or the river board at äventyrligt i Åre..

Water activities among all others at aventyrligt I are..

Startsida Äventyrligt i Åre

Now the next stop will be in Jarvsjo and some cycling. Cycling has always been a nice way of coming close to the nature, and at the same time get action and speed. this adventure will be challenging, I can promise..From easy green hill to advanced black hill everyone can get his/her/hen light reception..

Down hill cycling are you ready for the challenge?

And when you are in the area why don’t you try river kayaking..

Take a training session in river kayaking..


In Idre you also can get a lot of cool activities. I cant suggest a lot of things to do and not include anything with sledge here it comes..

Cycles and dogs, a perfect combination, try it during the summer in Idre..

So now you got a lot of suggestion to try some new experiences during the summer. If you want to do the Via Ferrata at Skuleberget you can contact us.

And now over to two new workouts to ad to the summer-training..

You can always fin a park-bench during the run or workout..

And the second this time will be pull ups in a tree, you always will find a tree or..:-)

For specific climbing workout, you can use a towel to get it right. You hang it over and grab in the both side..

See ya soon..


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