A good 2015 and a new year with new opportunities.

So it is new year again, the last hours of 2015 will soon be ended, and a new 2016 will start.

To conclude 2015 I will do it in my way:-). Avalanche will be one of the most important area to get knowledge about. But watch out with to much knowledge the risk will be that you feel too secure.


Become the best of yourselves. always strive for developing all areas. Chamonix, the first ascend of Mont Blanc was 1786, which can be seen as the start of alpinism. Chamonix is the cradle of all adventure, and a must for a mountaineerer.


Chamonix area, a area to be loved..(Photo Ulf Bergman)

Developing yourself, both mentally and physical. read the ”Hell week” from Bertrand-Larsen. It will help you:-).


Evolve Fitness, this must be one of the big difference this year. New way of training, new way of thinking. Test the limits and move the borders. GREAT!.


Free heel skiing.  A long weekend at Åre with tough weather, and powder snow. A great adventure..Guiding, it is fun and you learn more about your selves and about how other works. Hilleberg tent Nallo, this must be one of the best tent in the world. Stable as hell, and so easy to set up. I am impressed. Injury, I think due to the multi kind of training this year, I have been spared from injuries. So that is one of the experience from 2015, mix your workouts and avoid injuries. Jamtland, there must be at least two trips to jamtland each year. This year is a good year, 5 times and that is great:-) Kitchen(Stoves) different test was done, but Primus, the old one was the best:-) I never leave home without it..


Light and fast, has never ever been right as long as you don’t got the safety under control. Muscle soreness, this year I got muscle soreness every day. This is due to Evolve Fitness..Nordesskiöld the great explorer, are someone to look up to. Outdoor Research, a brand I started to like. Testing the Loadstar jacket, I really like it:-).


Pointe Hellbronner at Cuermayor for a coffee is never ever wrong.


Quality, secure that you stay focused during your workouts so you got the quality from your training. Running, this years trail-running to Anaris mountain cabin was a great adventure. Trough the ice walleye is a fantastic trail. I recommend strongly.


Anaris mountain cabin.

Swim-run, this year I have tried swim-run. I great combination, both lower and the upper part of the body gets trained. Tabata, is also very good training. If you haven’t tried it, do that, fun tough and great. Utalization, with combined training you will get more trained and you will avoid injuries. Via Ferrata, Skulebergets via Ferrata is real challenging. Four different tracks with four different difficulties.


Wake up early, and go training hard. Never underestimate one that goes up at 04.30 and train. ..Xcross-country running, I have a challenge in mind, but it is still a secret.. Yolo, think backward, who do you want to be when your done in this world..Zo good, how it comes that the only place we got positive feedback is at the gym. Start to deliver positive feedback to all of your fellows..

So  a Happy New Year to all of you! Let 2016 be a real challenging adventure year, with lots of new experiences.

And when I summing up this year it has been 428 workouts, 10% more then 2015. Great:-) Se ya soon..


Ulf Bergman

This weeks challenge, and Via Ferrata..


This week challenge was a pull-up workout, inspired from the youtube movie. So I build up a real good pull-up set-up with gear from home and from the gym..


Tough training at the gym…A good training week, with a real tough end..

I can also inform you about a cooperation with Skuleberget Via Ferrata. So during the spring and summer we can provide events with Via Ferrata. You can read more about it under news and updates.

I think it is important to challenge myself. This for developing, both from the physical side as well as the psychological side. So keep developing yourself, life will become more fun and interesting..


See ya at Thursday..

24th of December..


The 2015 calendar coming to an end, and to all of you I a Christmas greeting  will send..

And you, you miss 100% of all opportunity you don’t take..And the most important was not what was happening, most important will be how it affected you..Keep the focus for the goal, and keep the discipline..

Don’t forget the years chronicle at new years day…

Come on and train…

23rd of december..about motivation..


Today it is time to open door twenty three, and understand how good motivation can be..

Yesterday was a busy day, so I didn’t got time for blogging. But I will recap. today instead:-)

When it comes to training and workout, it can be divided into three different areas. Energy-giving process, Strength & technique and mentally strength. My experience is that if you combined this three areas you will improve your results. The advantage will also be that you will avoid injuries. So find the balance, and go for it.


Find your balance in your training..

Motivation, don’t wait for it. Defined your goal and go for it, whatever it is. The more you aim for the goal the more motivation you will get. You will fail, I do it all the time(4 F****** seconds, remember:-).  Go your own way! trust yourself, no one knows what is best for you. Use a partner or a PT or coach to challenge you, that you will need…Take your first step, and you are on the track. One hour of the day to reach your goal is 4% of the day.. And as I always says; surround you with people that gives you energy.

This days music will be Swedish, enjoy..

See ya tomorrow..

21:st December, about christmas gift and others..


Time for open number twenty-one, and secure that your life will be fun.

Today I will give you some suggestion for last minute Christmas gifts:


Number two:


Primus gas lantern.

And the third:


Via Ferrata at Skuleberget, use the link for ordering:


”Never underestimate the one who get up at 05.30 for a workout”

Don’t forget to do some reflection and be thankful. Today life goes on as a train in speed. Sometimes just need to sit and look into the horizon. Just sit and let the thoughts just come and go. We must take us time to land within ourselves. Live with yourself and the nature, it is there you find the calm..

And you skip the rules, if you do as everybody else you end up as everybody else…Enjoy and challenge…

This day music is a real good one, enjoy..

See ya tomorrow…


20th of December and about events and fast and light..


Well it is time for number 20, and don’t go to the adventure to empty…

It has been a hard week, due to training and work. Overall nine workouts and 590 minutes. mentally it is a challenge, I feel tired..but it is now the experience and skills will be the best of friends..

Today it will be about fast and light, I have talked about this before but it is important. With the sky running and record all the time to the top of the mountains, this will become a risk. When the ”normal” adventurers will try this, we will see more accidents. With too little equipment, and less experienced people there will be more work for the mountain rescue organisations. All of us aint so good as Ueli Steck:-) even with the best of ice-axes:-)


When speed and light-pack will be more common there will be more rescue activities.

We most all ask ourselves; why are we doing the adventure for the speed or for the treat? Maybe slow adventure with fully feeling will be the best…

Upcoming events:

Abisko ice climbing festival 25-28/2 2016:


Sweden Outdoor fair 11-13/3:


See ya tomorrow..

19th of December and about guide and safety..


Time to open door 19.

Today was a tough day. But the mind got its victory over the body. 05.15 I went up for lugging the car wheel for almost two hours. In the afternoon a workout at the gym was done. Next step was to do cross country running, so at all three work outs- a great day. but I am exhausted.

I was reading in the Swedish outdoor magazine; ”Ute magasinet” in this nummer it was about skating. The Editor in chief wrote that it is very important to take responsibility by your own and don’t trust a guide. I like to challenge that statement. I think a educated and skilled and experienced guide will know more than most of us. But it is important to check the guides skills and experience, that is your responsibility in such a case.  So whenever using a guide you always should check the guides knowledge.


Get yourself a guide to relay on…

I also have read a good book about leadership under stress. Something that a part of the outdoor activities as a guide, or a practitioner. We  all got different abilities to handle situations under stress. But from a leadership perspective, the ones with grounded self-confidence and by worked moral and ethical values will handle this type of situations in a better way. There is also mentioned a capacity called ”sensational seeking” this is a character that will strive for to find dangerous or challenges situations. Normally this will not be good leaders under stress. So you have to got a stable inner compass to be good of handling stressed situation. You can also train your ability by meditation and relaxing exercises. I will write more about this..


Secure to have a stable inner compass…..

And today some old music..

See ya tomorrow..


18th december about a challenge and the minds victory over the body..


Times fly, and today we open door eighteen. seen

1884 The explorer Adolf Erik Nordensköld arrange a competition about 220K skiing.


Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld.

The reason was for that people did not believe in there hardship at the journey to Greenland. And 2016 the race will be a fact again. It will start and end in Jokkmokk Sweden. 10th of april 2016 its time for the race, again after 132 in rest:-) Something to enjoy?

Today the workout was a hard one. combined exercise at evolve ugh..rowing lifting and push-ups in twenty two minutes..

Tomorrow is a hard workout upcoming, and I am tired. But the fight between my mind and body, the mind will win. I always know that..

See ya tomorrow..


17th of december and about history..


Today we open door seventeen and see what history for us can mean..

1786 can be seen as the start of the mountaineering history. At this time the Mont Blanc was climbed, and now it become a activity to count for. For Sweden it all begun at 1883 with the first ascend of Kebnekaise of Charles Rabot.


Charles Rabot at the summit of Kebnekaise 1883.

In the beginning the climbing in Sweden was just done in the northern part in the Swedish mountains. In 1930 we started to climb cliffs for training for adventures in alps and prepare for the mountains in the northern part of Sweden. At Häggstaberget in Stockholm Botkyra the explorers prepaired for upcoming adventures in high mountain environments.


Becoming a mountain manager at this time, was a hard work with life at stakes…

See ya tomorrow..

16th of december, hard training and safety.


Today it is 8 days to Christmas, and today it is about safety and a modern explorer..


When it comes to Mountain/outdoor safety it begins with planning, Preparing and to predict. Normal risk management from that point of view. Planning, is to understand risk-factors and train for the special adventure or area you are going to. Preparing is train for difficulties, both physical and psychological. And over all knowledge, and experience of equipment etc. You can also train your ability of predicting risk and difficulties. The more difficulties you have been exposure of the better skills you got over all..

You can also build your own safety kit. And I think you always should have some kind of communication equipment for rescue with you. such as a spot tracker.


The training today was real tough. 3 stations about 12 minutes with row-machine, Ski-machine and cycle. oughh!!

One of the real explores in Sweden is Oskar Kihlborg, the second swede on the top of Mount Everest. He has always some new challenge upcoming. Like when he did go between Gothenburg and Stockholm by longboard…

Clean-up Kebnekaise 2014

Oskar Kihlborg on a cleaning up journey at Kebnekaise…

See ya tomorrow..