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8th of december and River Crossing.

During the autumn I have had a focus on safety, with risk management etc. One of the most risky activities will be the river crossing. If you have the possiblity you should reconaissance the river you are going to cross. If not, you really shall have good knowledge and skills for doing it. First of all:  avoide Excessive river flow and volume, Excessive river width. Find a Place were it is shallov and easy to cross(often the river is broad here) cross it diagonal, dont fight the current. If you are a Group you can use Mutual support, and grab each other. Or if you are skilled with rope tecniques you also can use a rope for safety. But this is for proffesionals.

The x-mas gift suggestion of the day will be a book.


See ya tomorrow

7Th of December and the Via Ferrata.

As a mountain leader so you has to be able to master many different branches. Thats one of the delight of the yard. Via Ferrata wll be one of my favourites. It is something between a lot of diffrent activites. It dosent require a lot of equipment either, and often you can rent it at place. In Norway there a lot of really nice Via ferrata trails but also in Sweden. If you havent been to Skuleberget you really should. A nice spring morning, a nice summer day or why not a sunny autumn day. The expectation and challenge is lying in the air when you start. You focus and soon you got the adrenaline kick while traverseing the trail.

And after a haour of struggle you get the reward, a faboulus view of the area. Take a coffee, be in the moment for a coule of seconds, and then on it again.

(Dont forget to enjoy the view…)

After guiding a couple of persons at the Skuleberget Via Ferrata no one has ever complain, or dispute the decision of doing the Via Ferrata…

So these are the guides tips for a good Via Ferrata: One: wear the right equipment(helmet, harness, The Via Ferrata set and boots). Two: wear good gloves. Three: Wear a small compact back pack with 1st aid, a core jacket, water and some bars. Four: A good aproach shoe or boot. One with a rubber sole that cover the toes. Five: take the trail step by step, rest and enjoy the view. Six: At the top stop and feel the freddom of the hills, and really enjoy the view(this might be the most important thing:-)

Todays X-mas gift will be a ”no brainer”


Or why not a good shoe for the upcoming Via Ferrata. Garmonts Ascent GTX will be the guides choice…


See ya soon..

6th of December, utefest and a refelection.

This year I was invited to the Utefest at Docksta. I was thera as a represent of the Swedish Moutainleader Organisation. My mission was to guide participants of the feast. So early at Sunday morning I stood at the Skuleskogen nature reserve. This would be a real test of my skills. The client was what I should call experienced participants. The paln of the day was to reach the ”slottsdalsskrevan” and continue next to the coastline back to the start. The weather was cloudy with a slight rain. But during the day the weather become better and better. I informed about routing, clothing and equipment. Lunch and sove become a natual part at lunchtime. At the end of the day I got the feedback clear. One of the participants told me -You are a very calm and good guide. I would trust you where ever you guide me. That was a good feeling I left that guiding:-)


At the mountain environment we all become small humans. But there in the mountains you feel like a whole person. and you long for it again. With a company you can just keep quite and just feel the community. At the bonfire you can tell the story of your life, without hiding anything. We are all just humans and life is not always so easy…

And this with being quite int the mountains. There ones was a director of a big comapny in Stockholm who was from Varmland. He was going out for a tough skiing tour in Harjedalen with a local priest. The priest would test him if he was the real mountain man as other have told him. So the priest pointed out the target of the day and they began to ski. With high speed for an hour without saying a word, he was approved. Being together without talking, that is a skill you got in the mountains.  Everything is so big up here and so pretty. The heaven is so close. here it is only essentials.

See ya tomorow..

5th of December and Aguille du Midi.

Today it will be about one of my favorite places the Aguille du Midi at Chamonix. This is one of the routes to get to the Mont Blanc. The cable car was built in 1955 and held the title of the world’s highest cable car for about two decades. It still holds the record as the highest vertical ascent cable car in the world, from 1,035 m to 3842 m. The Aiguille du Midi lift was first thought of by two Swiss engineers in 1905. Their plan was to link the hamlet of Les Pelerins with the summit of l’Aiguille du Midi. The project met technical problems and was abandoned. Four years later a French company, Funicular Railways, made a new attempt and the first section Les Pelerins – La Para was opened in 1924.

The second section La Para – Les Glaciers was completed three years later. It was then the highest cable car in the world. With the outbreak of the WWII and the opening of the Planpraz to Brevent cable car, the popularity of the Aiguille du Midi diminished, and it was closed in 1951. An Italian engineer Count Dino Lora Totino was called in to rebuild and extend the cable car. Four years and a lot of hard work later, the new Aiguille du Midi cable car was finally completed. It was entirely renovated in 1991.

When you take your first step into the ice tunnel for reaching the glacier, your heart starts to speed up. The adventure is on. Now you rope up and put on the crampons. When you open the gate and start to walk step by step on the ridge you are fully alive. The view is outstanding, I don’t think I have seen anything like it. It is mountaineering is its soul.

Todays X-mas gift suggestion from santa will be a weather station. For all us outdoor nerd, this will be a good thing to have…


See ya tomorrow…



4th of December and the importance of research…

Today I will write about the MIUN, middle University of Sweden. A lot ot interesting research about the outdoor area is ongoing. For example diving, how high altitude effect the body and how it can be prevented. Also the Etour, he tourism research institute ETOUR develops and communicates knowledge about tourism and travel. ETOUR conducts research and education in close dialogue and collaboration with players in the tourism industry, focusing on four research areas: ”Nature-based tourism”, ”Information technology and tourism”, ”Economic, political and spatial dynamics of tourism” and ”Destinations”. Other important research areas at ETOUR include tourism experiences, regional development, wind power and tourism, trends in tourism and food tourism. Sweden will become an international leader in sustainable outdoor life and sports. A four year long research program with a budget of 56 miljon Swedish crones will secure that.

Another interesting research is about tking risk in the out mountain activity. of Johanna Öhrling. Read it…


Todays X-mas gift suggestion will be Icebreakers 200 oasis Aguille du Midi LS Crewe shirt 


Todays workout suggestion will be a endurance one; 50 cal row/50cal Air Assault bike 40/40 30/30 20/20 10/10 and at as fast time as possible. under 23 is real good, Under 27 acceptable:-)

See ya tommorow





3:d December, a long day of work and the roof of Sweden.

Kebnekaise is the higest peak in Sweden. First ascend was the 22:nd August in 1883. The French sientist ascend the peak together with two Norwegian guys. First six year later the first Swede stood on the top. In July 1889  I.A. Björling and A. O. Hultman from Stockholm reached the highest peak of Sweden. Today many people try to reach te top, most of them starting from Nikkaloukta as I wrote about yesterday.


(Photo Ulf Bergman, Keb. Mountain station.

(Photo Ulf Bergman, south peak and the North peak of Keb,)

In April I was guiding a Group to the top. The weather was nice in the morning but got foggy with almost no visability, so we hade to turn. But the nest morning the weather was perfekt.


At the peak of Kebnekaise.

That all for today(working from 04.30 to 21.00 now sleep.

See ya tomorrow..

The gateway to the mountain world…

For getting into the mountain World you have to pass the gate. There is a couple of small cabins that is very nice. The first will be Nysatern, close to Sanfjallet. A nice and very familiar cabin. The trails start close to the cabins a just a hour away you will be in the mountains.

The next one to present will be one of the best, the Enaforsholm. The same situation is here, you can start directly Close to the cabin. The food is locally produced, and taste good. Simple but cozy accommodation. From here you can reach the whole west and North Jamtlandsmountains. 

(photo Ulf Bergman)

Next one will be the one Close to Kebnekaise, Sarris Nikkaloukta. You can smell the mountain from here. The adventure starts here and you can feel it. At the end of the road, it is laying there. Nice hospitality, and the real sami feeling makes it to one of the best key to the Mountains..

(Photo Ulf Bergman)

The christmas gift suggestion of the day,  will be a book. This one is the only book you need for X-mas:-)


See ya tomorrow…


1:st of December…

So today we got the first of December. This means that for the eight year in a row, it is time for opening door one. This year it will a theme, a workout suggestion and a chrismas gift suggestion. And of course Music and some Movies.

For the Winter you will need some special Equipment. The chill effect is important to bear in mind. So a good adwise will be to have a isolation layer that give you a some air between the base layer and the core layer. wear wool socks so you dont get wet on your feet. This will keep you warm and dry. The golden rule will be; never get wet. Ventilate so the sweat disapear. 

A liner sock of wool helps you from getting Cold feets,

Todays workout suggestion will be bench press. Secure you got the right tecnique and do five small lift at the top. Just go down 15-25cm. Then do five small Deep down at the chest 15-25cm and then you do five regular press. Do it four times(x15 lift totally). This will build you up. 

First X-mas present suggestion this year will be a slope angeler meter. A perfect tool for avoiding Avalanches. This one also have a good price as well.

Slope Angel

See ya tomorrow


My own smallness…

Today I will do a reflection of my adventurelife. There are many time I have experienced magical moments in the nature. Back in 1984 in the service I rembember a early morning at a firing ground in Varmland. We had vent up early for a shooting exercise. It was very coold, almost -30 degrees. In a sudden the sun rised over the moore, and it was a magical moment and everyone just stood there watching…Or at the Mont Blanc tacul, and the sun started to heat us while climbing…

What strikes me in this moments is my own smallness. And my own insignificance. And to be honest I think that is a very important. You re not so important from a bigger point of view. And the power of nature is nothing you have control of. With this in your mind, you are ready for the next adventure.

I testing the Aklimas Anarjohka pants, and I also will test the polo as well. The trouser is very nice to wear. The wool is perfekt.

A week ahead the calender will start…

See ya soon..


A crisp morning at Sonfjället…

Early morning, it is still dark as it Always is at this time of the year. Me and my husky Wake up at the same time. Heis waving his tail, ready for new adventures. We are having a good breakfast. He got his food and I am eating blueberry soup. At seven we are leaving our cabin, and the target of the day is Sodo valley and Sonfjallet. In the beginning of the trail it is uphill and a lot of tracks from reindeers. The hysky is on his guard, just wating for hunting the reindeers. I am listening to the gnirk of the snowshoes. The cloud is low, but I know when the sun raise, and warming up the air, the cloud will disapear. We keep on Walking and soon a reindeer herd with at least hundred animals is steering at us. In the corner of the Eye I can see something big is moving, and then I can recognize it the eagle. It might have discovered a weak individual in the herd, and waiting for the right time to get it. We keep on uphills, and soon we pass into the Sodo valley. The temperature is just minus five degrees. Here is it not so much snow, but I still got a good grip with the snowshoe. Soon we turn to west and upwards to the peak of Sonfjallet. I breath out the air in big Clouds from the mouth. My legs feeling Heavy in the up hill terrain, but the struggle got its reward. The panoramic view of the Jamtland and Härjedalens Mountains. The perfect U valley of Lunndorren, the Shark fin of Helags and the Mighty Sylarna. I can fell my smallness, and at the same time that I am a part of ”something bigger”.It is Always so nice to turn over and going downhills. At least in the beginning, soon the tighs got its fill. Twenty minutes later we reach the windshelter of Sododalen.

And the sun has now warming up the air, and the sun is caress us. The rest of the day is a blessing of experiences.

With a perfect view of the mountain Environment. First time at Sonfjallet, but for sure it will be more time for visits. Thank you mother Earth for the fantastic experience…

At the end I will do a Review of Aclimas trouser Anarjohka pants. A wool trouser produced together with Lars Monsen. The finnish looks good, and the quality seams out to be good. The trouser got a lot of nice details, but a trouser with a price of about 188 Euro should have some kind of ventilation which this trousers not got. But a detailed Review will be done here.

In two weeks this years calandar starts…


See ya soon..