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High Altitude sickness and knots….

(Overhand knot, marshal knot with overhand knot stopper, ) Less than a week it will be time for the IML Summer Assessment. So this week has been focus on preparing for that. Rope Technique and knots is important and also knowledge about rappelling with  temporary equipment/solution. 


(South African rappelling solution)

It looks like the pandemic will be a bit calmer, and that the most countries open up step by step for tourism. I can also see that the price of flight still is quite ok. So due to that I think its time to plan for an interesting adventure season next year. And due to that I will start a series of information about High altitude sickness. This area is huge to understand, and you need that for preventing AMS Hape and Hace etc.

High altitude knowledge.

To begin with, the human body consists of 37 billiards of cells that needs energy for workout efficient. The cells are used for transporting nerve signals, for movements or producing hormones. The cells are using a chemical energy that is stored in the molecule ATP. ATP is produced during the combustion process of oxygen and sugar. This is so called aerobic combustion. The rest product of the process is carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is toxic and need to be excreted. Many of the cells can also produce the ATP without oxygen a so called Anaerobic process. This can only be used as energy giving process for a short moment. This is the ground of why we need oxygen for surviving. The cells need a good environment for being so efficient as possible.  The amount of salt, acidity will be some of the parameters that effect the cells to work as efficient as possible. This parameters is regulated by the kidneys and by our breathing. The oxygen come into the body trough the lounges. The oxygen pressure is 21 kPa, but will be reduced to 20 KPa in the moist inhaled air. At sea level this hag got no meaning, but at high altitude the increased air moister an important reason for the oxygen pressure decrease faster in the blood vs. than in the air. I will continue this next blog….

Think of a trail to a cabin in the mountains were you will be alone. A real adventure with a epic view. Here you will get a feeling of it.

Finding the Most Secluded Cabin in Switzerland – YouTube

Arctic Elite Military Force // Only 1% make it – YouTube

City of the Sun – Máscaras en el viento, Nascosto nel Mondo, Une nuit sur Terre – YouTube

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Be safe in the mountains…

In the news we can read about rescue operation every week now. At Kebnekaise, a school class in Ljungdalen from Stockholm. 22 pupils and teacher needed to rescued by the mountain rescue team. Now the police even have information on their website about mountain safety. Here they give advice to be prepared for bad weather. What gear you should bring and that you better listen to locals and guides about the conditions. What we can see is that the mountain environment will be visited by beginners. With all the social media with just nice picture ”hides” what it really can be like when its stormy and no visibility. So my advice as always, use a guide at least the first day of the hike. this will give a good start and you will get the grounded knowledge of the area you will have your adventure in.

This week it has been a lot of rope work. Bowline, overhand knot, rappelling technique with temporary equipment. So now the routines is there I hope.

Positive attitude, Having a positive attitude means being optimistic about situations, interactions, and yourself. People with positive attitudes remain hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations. In contrast, those with negative attitudes may be more pessimistic and disagreeable, and typically expect the worst outcome in tough situations. So how to do it practically then?

Start the morning strong. It’s easier to maintain a positive attitude all day if you implement it right after opening your eyes in the morning. That dreaded moment when the alarm goes off can often lead to irritation, which sets you on the path to have a negative attitude all day.

Instead, think about some ways to make your morning the best part of your day — especially if you’re not a morning person. Consider waking up a half hour or an hour earlier than usual. This means getting into bed earlier, too! Give yourself time to do the things you love but may not always have time for; go for a run, relish in a hot shower, have a cup of coffee, and actually make breakfast (and, no, granola bars and frozen waffles don’t count). Put on your favorite music or show, or even whip out a book and start your morning doing something you love while enjoying a home-cooked meal. When your morning is more productive and less rushed, you’ll be sure to head to work in higher spirits. That morning glow will spread throughout your day, and then, the cycle can repeat

”You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Charlie Thompson – Changed My Mind – YouTube

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Time to rope up…

December is just 3 month away. Okay I know, live here and now. But it is good to start preparing for the winter season. Check the gear sharpening the Ice tools and check so it all is in shape. Next step will be to check yourself, are you ready for peak performance? So it is time to check and develop your skills in; route finding, navigation – Snow travel techniques – the use of the Ice axe – The use of crampons -Glacier and roped travel – The use of snow anchors etc. So look at the weather forecast and start hunting the bad weather for increasing your skills and experiences.

At the moment it looks like it will be time to plan the next summer as well. With the vaccination card ready, we might be able to travel upcoming summer. Then I have two nice suggestions. Why don’t go Via Ferrata in Switzerland. The second will be the Dolomite’s. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo will be a good suggestion. The length is 9,5km. Start point is refugio Auronzo, it also the end so you will go in a big loop. Or why not go sky-running…

SKYRUNNING HD / Trail running motivation – It’s Time to Fly ! – YouTube

I will do a review of the Lowa Combat Boot GTX Black. This is a boot for heavy duty activities. So it will be interesting to see what it will be like.

I will also take a check of Lundhags Gnaur 75 RL. A nice back pack for adventures, so it will be good to see how good it will be.

Via Ferrata – Moiry – Grimentz – YouTube

Le Winter – The Mind (feat. Hampus Ewel) – YouTube

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New adventures…

It has been a fantastic summer and also a fantastic year. 8 month and just as many mountain adventures this year (so far). We can see that the interest for mountain activities has increased a lot in Sweden. This means that some of the areas will be more affected, this is the ones with easy access. It will also means that people with less skills will be more common. This is a possibility for the guiding area. The pandemic will probably have the effect that more people will change one of their vacation in foreign countries will decrease. So now it is time to take the advantage of this. So go with clients to places where they will be alone in the mountains will be a business opportunity. I also think that this will also help us to guide clients in other countries as well. So with a International Mountain Leader certificate you will have a future success ahead.

Soon we step in to September and it will be the best time for hikes in the Swedish mountains. It is also time to start planning for the upcoming pre-Winter and Winter season. So how to do that? Well it is time to check map and calendar for put in to the plan. Skiing, ice-climbing, cross country skiing. Just to plan.

This week it will be rope technique training, and to start building up the leg strength and balance for the skimo(ski mountaineering) So here you will got some suggestions. Challenge yourself with new workout so you get inspired and get better step by step. A lot of fighting workout at the moment…

( Me, coach Mohammed and the inspiring Marcus after 60min fighting workout)

Start the workout with balance in time for the season. My first suggestion will be the aeroplane. Stand up, and lift up one leg. Follow with the rest of the body and grip a stick. Hold it over your head.

Trekking Tabata – YouTube

When it comes to equipment I have been testing the Salewa MTN trainer 2. An approach shoe for hiking and Via ferrata. This is a really nice shoe. They are small in its size so choose a size bigger than normal. Then you will have a really nice shoe. With its special sole, its is developed for Via Ferrata. It has a solution for Via Ferrata steps in the sole, small but well thought out solution.

Enjoy Skuleskogen:

Bästa stunden på dygnet att vandra i Skuleskogen – YouTube

Jenn Grant Eye Of The Tiger – YouTube

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The art of conveying a feeling…

As a guide you need to be skilled and got good and grounded knowledge of the area. But also as a guide you really need to got the skill to conveying a feeling. It doesn’t matter how good your technical skill is if you don’t touch the clients. When I hire a guide, this is one of the most important skills I expect. You must really in your heart love what you do. As guide you do it for the clients and not for your self, that what you need to have in focus.

This week I have spend in Funasdalen in Jamtland. The first day it was time for the peak-tour. I get up early and checked the weather. A light rain, but the sky got some light parts as well. The first part of the track was steeply uphill. The first plateau was reached and it felt good for everyone. The next part was  bit easier and the participants moved ahead in a good pace. Soon we reached the Anntjarn, a nice little mountain lake. The rain has now stopped and it was a nice air to breath. Now the track become a bit steeper again, and the next plateau was reached. the fog and clouds now began to come in from below the mountain, and the visibility was affected. But the trail was still easy to follow, and in sudden the cloud and fog diapered and we could at that moment see the peak of Anafjallet. So now it was easy and in twenty minutes we were standing of the top of the peak. The hike down was easy and the the weather smile against us, and for another time it told us that it is often worth starting early. 

Next next step of the adventure was a helicopter-tour. so just a bit later we were sitting in the helicopter. Starting with a flight over the Funasdalen, to Ramundberget and follow the trail to Faltjagarstugan. From here we fly over Mittadalen and ovar to AnaFjallet and the peak of the day: Annfjallet. Fantastic and see the area from this angle. With all this adventure the participants went back to the cabin. The guide (me:-)) decided to take trail-running tour towards the Funasdalsberget. So that begun to look like a nice mountain day in the end…

This day it was time for a hike towards Miesjehkentjahke at Flatruet. From here the view over the Sylarna-Helags massif is really nice. In the other direction you got the Anafjallet in the fond. And as Carl Von Linné described it: It is like a sea that has been frozen. It is like waves…When this hike was done, it was time for a Via Feratta -tour towards the Funasdalsberget. The route is 300m up, and parts are really steep. There is also part that is just trail. But the last part is a bit airy in some part. The effort is well worth the view as the reward. 

Early the next morning I put on my trail-running shoes and started the rout around the Funasdalsberget. The pre-mountain forest was really nice and a woke up two capercaillie birds. A bit higher up a falcon followed me a bit. And at the top of the mountain three reindeer looked at me wondering what I was doing. But this was a really nice mountain morning run.

So conclusion is that Funasdalen has delivered. Really nice area with a little bit of Chamonix feeling with the mountain in sight wherever you standing…..

The summer and vacation is coming to an end, but this is the start of the autumn and winter season. Here we come…


See ya soon

Already August and a lot ongoing…

(Time to plan the upcoming Winter tours? This is a sledge dog tour 1935 in the Sylarna massif of Jamtland)

It is already August, and its time for planning the autumn. As a wise man said: looking forward is the best to do, backwards you cant change:-). The workout this period of the season means a lot of running and hiking. This year I have a average of 18,1 km pro day. That a good result. That together with seven mountain tour, that is great. Ahead of me is a tour towards Funasdalen and also the Summer Assessment of IML’s. So lot to look forward to.

This week I’ve been looking into a quite new brand of Sweden. The Beyond Nordic. This is a company that fits in to the premium level. The super level is like Mammut, Marmot etc. In this area we also find the Revolution Race as well. This brand looks like they are very dependent of social media for promotion. So you have to take that in consideration when using them. The small details may not be there…However, I’ve been testing the BN003 Ultra softshell pant. This pant got a high waist that is something I like. It also got both hooks for the belt as well as Velcro straps. It also got the Beyond Nordic gear loop for tools as ice axe or axe. It also got a recco reflector (this is from my point of view unnecessary, this is not a ski pant..) The price is quite ok, and the finish is nice. The pockets is a bit to small I think. but this I will give a NNNN+.

When preparing for the winter you will here got a good suggestion of how to build a sledge with help of your skies and poles…

Keeping Me Alive – Jonathan Roy (LYRICS) – YouTube

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A peak story…

We are located in Lisa Lindblom county. More particularly in Asarna in Jamtland.  A fast look at the clock says me it is 05.02. The Husky have woken me up. He can feel the mountain air, like myself. The high air and the atmosphere is there. I get up, dressed and ready for a morning hike along the Ljungan. I breath in the clear air, and feel the excitement. After a breakfast we driving towards Bydalen. This day it is the peak of Drommen and the peak of Vastfjallet that is the goal. We park at he bottom of the Drommen ski-lift. The husky is eager, so as I. The first part is in the ski-slope. just for taking height. But soon we get a nice view of the Bydalen valley. After we passing the creek it is time to climb upwards. The trail is easy to follow, and soon we can reach the peak. The wind is hitting us, with 18 m/s it is quite windy. The trail downwards it easy and with a extraordinary view of the valley. Soon we are back to the starting point and it is time for the second peak. This one is a bit easier, and after passing Fjallhalsen the trail start to be upwards. The trail is nice and I am just floating with the peak in sight. When the trail turn left, we got hit by the wind again. But the view over Storsjon is magnificent. The view give us extra energy and soon er are standing at the peak. The wind almost lift me up, and we turn back to the trail. Soon we are down and can ascertain the two out of three peaks is done. One left to go. After a good sleep at persasen, we driv to Graftavallen. We park the car and the Husky is eager to get on the trail again. This day will be a bit more challenging. Here there is no trail, so we have to discover the best way up. We start up in the Ski-slope. And follow a small trail, But soon it is time to read the map and use the compass. We pass three plateaus before we can see the real peak of Ostfjallet. But when we got it in sight the speed increase. A couple of minutes later we reach the peak pile. It is still a hard wind, and pretty fast we start downhill again. But the view here is also fantastic.   The Oviksfjallen has exercises its magic over me. It is marvellous how many different mountains there is in the area…

Three persons , three peaks and three badges:-)

See ya soon…


The guide spirit…

Becoming a guide has demands. This means that what you say and do will make an impression. Every single second you will be valued. Therefore it is of utmost importance to reflect over yourself. It is hard to see you own weakness and shortcomings. With pride comes spirit, the spirit to become professional. So are you proud of being a guide -that is a good question to ask yourself. What is your scheme for becoming even better? This year I have been focusing of avalanche safety and navigation. Every single moment when I got the opportunity I have been practising it. And I started to feel much more confident in my role as a guide. (Matt Larsson-Clifford have made me becoming a better guide)

Early morning, the atmosphere in the breakfast room can be felt. Everyone is a bit quite, eats and chews in silence. The evening before everyone got the instruction for the day. I am looking at my clients, thinking about the man which wife called me a couple of days before telling that he is frighten for heights. This will be interesting. We gear up, and start the walk from Hotel Alpina in Chamonix towards the cable car to Aguille du Midi. The weather is nice and 10 minutes later we stand in the line. Quite fast we get up ti middle station and em-barque the the last part of the cable-car. Up at Aguille du Midi we gather in the ice cave. I’m fix the rope, and the participants starts to lock in. I’m looking into the eyes of the man with frighten of heights. I ask him how he feels, and he reply -fine, I feel elated this will be great. Good I think. A couple of tourists looking at us, and ask about our gear. We step into the void, the ridge of Aguille du Midi. Step by step we walk downhills. As usual slow, very slow in the beginning with the suction in the stomach. The weather with the sun is fantastic. We stop and take picture, and just enjoying. We keep the pace and soon we are close to Mont Blanc du Tacul. Here we speed up for the block and serac falling. We pass a couple of crevasses, but struggle in good speed up to pointe Hellbrunner. Sipping on a Italian Cappuccino, and reflect over the days adventure everyone is satisfied. And now its time for the cable car over the trail we walked during the day. See it from above give a new perspective over the days event. At Aguille du Midi we take some time for enjoying the view. But soon we going down, back to 1000m over sea level again in Chamonix. The evening is spend on a nice restaurant with savoyen food.

And the best workout music ever…just F***** go for it. Hit the target…Volume to max!!

Darude – Sandstorm – YouTube

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A dear subject and more…

To adapt the adventure to its ability and prevailing position”  That would be my description of mountain safety. When you know what you know and not thinking of what you know, then it happens that you feel comfortable. And that what it is all about to feel comfortable. The planning of a tour is the basic. Read the map of understanding the area. Is there any risk you can see directly,  and if how to avoid?  Look into river passing, steep ground etc. How can the wind direction affect me? Where do I have my escape route if I got injured or if the weather become bad.  So know I have build up a basic knowledge base of the area, whats next? Now its time to do the route planning. Still use the map and now it is also time to get the compass. Take head direction and you can also mark spots at the map, even with ”soft” time lines. If it get fog or white out with snow, you still have the head direction for your targets. Challenge yourself with spending time in the outdoor environment with map, compass and navigate. This will build up your self confidence. That you will need when the weather and the sight is bad. So ok, now you know your limits, and you have done the planning whats next then? The next step will be the equipment, the gear. So from a mountain safety perspective what would you think of? After a couple of years in the outdoor I can recommend clear colours.  If you end up in a situation it is much easier to find a person in mountain environment if you got clear colours on your jacket for example. A wind-shelter is also a safety gear you shall bring. First aid-kit and of course map and compass. A extra ration  of food is also good to bring. Some kind of communication equipment is also good to bring, the mobile phone may not got coverage so do not trust on that solution. This will be the minimum of gear to bring(the list need to be build up depending on type of adventure and time of the year. Winter has it own needs of gear) Now it is still two thing to do: Check the weather of the area for a couple of weeks before you going to the area. this will help you to understand a bit of the wind directions etc. And also inform someone about where and how you planned your route. So now you probably are ready for the hike, but you want to challenge your knowledge to become more confident. So now what to do? Here the guide comes in to the plan. Book a guide for one day or more, that will develop your skills a lot. That the solution for that. So get out there and ”break a leg” mate…

Tierra Pro Series | presents Alpina Fjällräddningen – YouTube

An epic start of the season: Ski touring Tolpagorni, Kebnekaise – YouTube

Feel Me (Chill Mix) – Jjos – YouTube

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A normal upbringing or? and a three peak tour.

I grow up in working class family. But my mother was a leader in Friluftsframjandet, and my father has been competing in cycling. I was raised in skating school and skiing school. The weekends were spend in the nature. So there I got my interest for the outdoor. When I started to competing in cycling in 1978 I also got the taste of the adrenaline and the thrill of competing. Parallel I still was in the Outdoor. While the other classmate went to disco, we went out to a wind shelter.  But we visit the disco from outside. But by wearing the Fjallraven Greenland jacket the outlook done as we looks like communist at that time. That should all the people wearing this outfit today ha ha. Well by the interest of the outdoor it was not far to the Army. So I decided to do the service for 15 mounts. The winter training were excellent and I got my first avalanche training at that time. But the best was the real leadership practice. I continued in the service for 17 years and was captain when I decided for leaving. It was not a job, it was a lifestyle and that I can still miss. Therefore I think the interest of the outdoor was beginning to grow. In the business I also got the opportunity to been leader in wide are such as telecommunication,  communication, IT-outsourcing companies,  and banking and insurance. At the moment I’ve visit +30 countries in the world and that has enriched me in many way. But that is a whole other history. But I also feed my Outdoor interest and drive a own guiding company. I am also Vice chairman and treasurer for the Swedish mountain leader organisation for the third year. And most of all I am still learning about the outdoor skills. This year I’ve been to a mountain every month; Kittefjall, Bydalen, Salen, Helags, Sonfjallet, Skuleberget and now I am planning for the July adventure.

News in the outdoor of Sweden tells us that the Landowners in the south of Are-fjallen want the hikers to pay a fee. This related to the worn of the trails in the area. It is not possible to do it by the law, but as a voluntarily fee. The suggested cost will be about ~200 euro. So from 0 to 200 euro. I think it is a giant first step….But this show us the road ahead. This might be a backside of the Corona invasion related to our Swemester (Swecation).

The Swedish outdoor company Silva has been bought of a risk investment company. Verdone will be the new owners and the goal is to increase the profits and to speed up the digitisation.

And if you are curious about my upcoming July adventure, here is the plan. Me and the husky are gong up to Jamtland. The Bydalen area. We will try to reach three peaks of Bydalen. Vaster-fjallet (1158m), Osterfjallet (1211m) and Drommen (1140m).

Gandagana | Georgian Trap Music (Lyrics) – YouTube

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