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Blog 640…At the right spot or?

Today I will write my 640th blog. Today it will be about being on the right spot or not. When it comes to navigation it is very important to be on the right spot, but sometimes in life we ask our selves if I am at the right place or not. In a hectic life it seems like we always should have been in another place. For example if you going to the mountains, you in a sudden think that you should have been with your family or at work or something else. In this moment I think the mindfulness can be very useful. Be in the present and enjoying the moment. Be kind to yourself and let you love and enjoy the present moment. Now you are here, so use this time and place for reflection. Because then it will never been bad invested time or? So stop chasing the moments and be in the presence, and you will become a better person, and that is well invested time. So think that you are at the right spot at that moment for just being in the now…

When it comes to workout it has been a good week, even if I got a injure in the back of my thigh. So orienteering and fighting and a lot of gym. It is good to keep up the skills of navigation…

KSLA-podden Avsnitt 17 Enaforsholm v3.mp3 – Google Drive

See ya soon…

In transit…

We  are in May, and this means we are in between two season. The Winter is over, and the Summer is upcoming. This period is perfect for preparing for the Summer ans planning for the upcoming adventures. Use the time for developing the areas you need.

Today I will give you some nice suggestion of day tours which will be easy and fast to access. I will begin in Harjedalen and Tanndalen. Start with a stay at Fjallnas hotel. This is the entry of Tanndalen/Funasdalen. I really like this old Mountain huts. From here you can go to Anderssjoafjallet. And from there you got a lot of options for a day hike. Next day I suggest  that you go to the mountain parking at Tanndalen, From here you can pass Andersborg and towards Storskarven, If you want you can stay at Bruksvallarna, go back home or tent in the area. My third suggestion in the area will be a hike at Anafjallet and the peak of Annfjallet. I have blog about it before, but this is a nice hike. If you use a tent you also can hike to the peak of Blastoten which also is 30 m higher than Annfjallet. Now I will move a bit towards north. And now we we land at the Enafors Mountain hut. From here you got a lot different day hike you can perform. My suggestion will be a hike to the peak of Storsnasen. Here you will pass Silverfallet and then upwards to the peak. In sunny weather you will have a terrific view over the whole Jamtland and Harjedals mountains.  In good weather condition this tour will be a memory for life…You can also do it a bit longer and stay a night at Blahammarens mountainstation….

So now I might help you out with some suggestion for the summer adventure…

KALEO ”Save Yourself” (LIVE at Fjallsárlón) – YouTube

See ya soon…


The path of the free wanderer…

Today it is the second Sunday of may. The light green colour, the chirping of birds and the light make me awake and full of enthusiasm and ideas of upcoming adventures. Today I want to strike a blow for the path of the free wanderer. Ether we walk among everyone else at the common trails, or hike a extreme long or challenging path. But why dont hike for yourself?   You do not have to especially far from the crowded areas to get into real wilderness,  where you will be almost alone. My first suggestion will be Bunner mountain close to Storulvan and ther Jamtlandstriangle. A very nice area and easy to access.

My next suggestion will be the Skackerfjallen in the North West of Jamtland. If you follow the trail between Anjan and Kolasen, you might nit meet anyone else. Why dont you ascend the sockertoppen, and get a fabulous view over the area. During the winter you will have a real nice off-pist skiing here.

So why don’t you chose a trail, and be alone with you thoughts?

See ya soon…

Making good and right judgement…

Friday, and time to tie it all to a conclusion?

A week of five day blogs in a row, and today it is time to tie it all together. I begun the week with leadership and that is the glue that combines all together. Leadership is management of energy I wrote and that is true. And if you have a good toolbox, how to handle challenging situation it will help you a lot. So build up a real god SOP for you mornings on the adventures. But you also must make good judgement, and comes out from good leadership.

How to develop the ability to good judgement; Leaders with good judgement tend to be good listeners and readers. Leadership shouldn’t be a solitary endeavor. Leaders can draw on the skills and experiences of others as well as their own when they approach a decision. Who these advisers are and how much trust the leader places in them are critical to the quality of that leader’s judgment.

Experience: Make it relevant but not narrow. Beyond the data and evidence pertinent to a decision, leaders bring their experience to bear when making judgment calls. Experience gives context and helps us identify potential solutions and anticipate challenges. If they have previously encountered something like a current challenge, leaders can scope out areas in which to focus their energy and resources.

Leaders need many qualities, but underlying them all is good judgment. Those with ambition but no judgment run out of money. Those with charisma but no judgment lead their followers in the wrong direction. Those with passion but no judgment hurl themselves down the wrong paths. Those with drive but no judgment get up very early to do the wrong things. Sheer luck and factors beyond your control may determine your eventual success, but good judgment will stack the cards in your favor.

So develop your ability to make good judgement, this is directly decisive…


See ya on Sunday…

A step ahead…

Safety plan.

As a natural part for the outdoor-er days should start with a safety planning. If you are a guide or not really doesn’t matter, though a guide must do it in a more detailed way and related to the group of participants. With a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) this will be a quite easy and fast process. So start with a overview of the weather, how can it affect me/us? The Cold, wind, sun etc. I there any warnings for the area? Next step will be to check the avalanche prognosis if its current. It can also be used for checking inclination of the route. And which part and areas to avoid. Next thing will be to read the map, and see if there is any danger to take in consideration. River crossing, snow fields etc. Is there any regulations for the area, within our activity? If you get caught in bad weather, or if someone get hurt? Where do you have the evacuation possibilities? What about coverage, and alternative communication plan? The outcome from all this fact will be the safety plan of the day, also add; The participants status and skills/condition. So with a SOP this will go fast, and you will be safety during the activity…

Plan Your Trip | Planning Essentials Episode 1 | MSC Get Outdoors Series – YouTube

  1. Temperature drops 4 degrees/1000′ of elevation gain.
  2. Lightning kills, Lightning Safety Guidelines
  3. Watch for hypothermia.
  4. Rockfall hazard? Wear a helmet.
  5. Belay any climb with risk of injury.
  6. Beware fast moving storms.
  7. Altitude sickness (AMS) is aided only by descent.
  8. Make note of return route.
  9. If lost, bivouac.
  10. Cell phone or GPS is not a substitute for preparation.
  11. Be willing to turn back: the mountains don’t care.

If you got problem use the S.T.O.P model: Sit, Think, Observe, Plan.

See ya tomorrow…

Where are you?

Its early, the clock is barely six. The daylight has just begun to lighten up. The fog is dense. The plan today is to leave the cabin early, for heading down for transportation home. You fold away the curtain, the sight is barely 20m. So time to make a plan…You eat the breakfast and hope for the fog to lighten. But it won’t. Time for making a decision. You can stay for a while and hope it will be better. The other will got options about it. The right decision will be to wait, but do you got the guts for it? If not you better be good at micro-navigation.

 The second base to stand on while being in wilderness environment will be navigation skills. The better you are in that, the more farsightedness you will got. But what does that mean? Well it means you can have control of the status of the group, and keep the three step thinking ahead. Prepare for the river-crossing coming up. Or remember to check Peters blisters etc. And if it something that is important, it is to choose the right way. You can avoid avalanche risks and also steep ground etc.

So for being able to leave the cabin this morning, you need to got good skills in micro navigation. And what is micro navigation then?  You navigate in a series of short distance, called legs and focus on the immediate features in your landscape to continually ascertain position. This will minimise the chance for error. Training this will make to become a real good navigator. With concentration of small parts you learn how the map is build up. You will get a grater awareness of  you immediate environment, using your sense of sight, sound and smell and touch and relating this information to the use of robust and reliable equipment and maps. The more navigation techniques you carry with you in your skills, the more capable navigator you will be. So if you are in a situation as the example above, then use the right judgement for the right decision.  If you are a good navigator, then you know what and how to do, do not put the other participant in a bad situation. If you are a leader this is another important ground to stay sable on.  This is a knowledge you must master. So grab the map and the compass, but use the micro navigation skills to really good, then you are a bit safer…

(always now where you are…) So how can you develop your skills in a well known area? Ask your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to drive to a place blindfolded. You got a kilometre spot in were you are, and to go to a attack point. The 4 D is good to have in mind…

Direction, distance, duration, description.

The 4 Ds navigation technique for hillwalkers and Mountain Leaders. – YouTube

See ya tomorrow, then we will take about safety planning….

Become friend with the chaos….

Yesterday I wrote about leadership, and that is the red tread that connect to all.

A good leadership comes out from a stable ground to stand on. With knowledge, experience and a inner compass that can guide you to make good judgement, there you got the golden key. So today’s blog will focus out on one of this ground. As Mattias Jansson  says: it is not if, it is when the shit hits the fan. And believe me, if you be presence in a chaotic accident situation you will thank yourself for being prepared for it. So how can you build up the competence in the area? The best way to start this journey  will be to participate in a course of first aid technique. This will help you to be prepared, you will feel more secure in what and how to act in a critical situation. The L-ABCDE plan will help you to do right thing in right order. So in a chaotic situation, take a step back and breath. It will be chaotic, but now it is time to become friend with the chaos. As soon you got an overview, and can start work out from L-ABCDE you will get in control step, by step. You know that, and how you can work it out. So in the “daily” dirt at the office or were you spend most of your common days, think about how and what you can fill the boxes in L-ABCDE with actions and other measures. So how can you work and think during the chaos? First of all understand that chaos is inevitable, define of what can you control, and not? For being able to lead others we must be able to lead ourselves. Leadership is management of energy, of yourself and those around you. Chaos brings out fear-based behaviour’s. Don’t let it bring out to you. Communication, flatten and easy high communication will help you. Keep the focus and share your plan for calming down the situation. Use of an notebook will help you to do a time line, and to report trough SBAR in a structured way, and it will bring calmness and control over the situation that you are in control. So are you ready to take control, and become friend with the chaos?

Ok, you now got the skills and you got a good planning for a challenging situation, now you also need some gear as well. You can buy a first aid kit at the outdoor store, or you can create your own. This is a choice of taste, I prefer to do it myself. Then I have control and know were and what is included, and knowledge if something is out of order due to to me etc. Here you can see my first aid kit.

Now, see ya  tomorrow and then it will be about…Navigation

A week of Blogs…

The IML process has resulted in a couple of experiences. This has ended up in some steps in my mind. This week I will share this experiences and thoughts with you. So lets begin. The first learning is about leadership. In our context as guides/IML’s we will be working in and with Temporarily composed groups. What does that means? Well we must bear in our mind how participants in a group of that will think. Now go to yourself and think -how does it feel when you participate in a new group, for example in a training course (for avalanche training for example) In this type of situation you/we will feel a level of stress. As a participant in this type of situation we will feel insecure and experience stress from two main areas: -How will other in the group think? And how will the other do? So how can this stress be reduced? It is important to take good care of the participants in the group that is vulnerable. Group members with less experience and competence. Another factor is if you can count with the other participants knowledge and experience. Will they do good or bad thing from your perspective? You as guide and leader also have the responsibility of handling setbacks for the group. A good leader have a good ability to improvise, and that is a success factor for leading a temporally composed group. So reflect of this; how can I as group participant make a group more comfortable? And how can I as Guide/leader make the group more comfortable?

I also ended up in everything comes around with everything. Good leadership comes out of good navigation skills, and also good skills of handling chaotic situations such as accidents. This meaning you need to be experienced in first aid. As you see it all is a circle, and leadership will be the first step.

Tomorrow it will be about first aid…

Les Humphries Singers – Mexico (ZDF Disco, 11.11.1972) – YouTube

So today is the first of May, and the winter season is fast approaching its end, and it is time for planning the upcoming summer season. Why don’t you try to challenge yourself with at least one new  trail or even activity during this summer…I will for sure find some new area to hike into.

When t comes to equipment and packing, there has been written million sites about it. What strikes me from all my experience is KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. And what does that mean in realities? Well, don’t overload your pack, but bring some that puts a golden edge of the adventure. A small piece of cheese and ham for example. Also secure you don’t get wet, and not to warm. But a  middle layer, and a down shirt/jacket is good to bring.

(Becoming friends with the chaos)

Last weekend I was on a wilderness first aid training. A e-learning within 20 hours was the beginning,   and then the practical part of 20 hours. The L-ABCDE was the frame of the content. The training was build up for being confident with doing a fast but qualitative check at a emergency situation. This resulted in that all participants was really confident of being leaders in a chaotic situation, and leading the work at a accident in the wilderness. So a better self confidence, a better knowledge and a structure way of working in a chaotic situation was the outcome. And also a way of building up a first aid kit as well. I have a couple of first aid kits in the wardrobe, but now I build up one that I like/need. I can strongly recommend this courses for being confident with handling emergency activities in the outdoor.

And by the way, if you are ready for some Via Feratta at Skuleberget just contact us and we will guide you…

See ya soon



Improving yourself…

The last two years has become quite interesting. Avalanche rescue leader training, IML Summer training, IML Winter training, IML Summer Assessment, IML Winter assessment and now first aid in wilderness assessment. You still can learn old dog to sit, with my 57 year I’m still evolve. To be honest, it will take some more time now. But I really enjoy to learn new stuff. The theoretical part is done…

When it comes to the review, the Alfa boot Eggi has been under test this week. It is a nice and well built boot. It has a good system for different kind for solution of lacing. So after approx 100Km I am satisfied with the boot. It is in the same area as the Haglöfs Solid Pro GT. But the normal price 350 Euro is a bit to expensive. You will get a pair of Crispi Nevada or Meindl Island. But I saw them for the price of 240 Euro, and for that its ok.

At Thursday 13.00 there was a big avalanche at Grovelsjon in the north of Dalarna. And a major rescue operation was initiated. There were som information about ski tracks in the area. This was false information and the tracks was under the area of the avalanche. At 14.00 the rescue operation was suspended, and no victims was found. This event put more heat on the wood around the discussions about avalanche forecast for Dalarna.

The complex area of the middle layer. The middle layer is the most complex area in the multi-layer principal. It should be warming, and even be a sort of shell. It can be thin or middle or thick. It can have hood or not. It can be out of wool or fleece or a combination. So this area is hard to handle and it depends a lot of what type of activity and activity level you are going ti perform. If you are hat ”hot” blooded person or if you are a kind of ”cold” person. For me it is important that I still can have a high activity level, and still have a warming apparel. Micro fleece was one of the type I tried, but it become to warm for me. This week I will test the Rab Alpha flash (RAb*s Alpha Flash jacket, a breathing middle layer for us ”warm” blooded who likes high intensive activities) jacket. This one feels like a good choice for me as ”warm” blooded.

See ya soon (next week a report from the first aid training)

KALEO – Way Down We Go (Official Music Video) – YouTube