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3:rd of December and about IML…

Today we open door three, and into the IML process we will see. Since the Swedish Mountainleader organisation was found in 2014, the work with become a member in UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader) has become a target. And now eight years later we are almost there. So why it is so important for Sweden to get this membership? This will help us to get a good standardisation for the Swedish mountain guiding. So with three out of four modules, we are almost there. What is the difference to becoming a IML then? With a IML certification, you will be able to be guiding worldwide, in different environment but not where you need alpine equipment such as harness, crampons etc. The IML will also being able to guide on high altitude hikes, such as Tour du Mont Blanc as example.

(summer training in Valadalen area) In October 2020 we begun with the Summer Training module. This one was held with Enaforsholm as a base. With two UIMLA assessors in place we started the training. Weather forecasting/knowledge, first aid, navigation/positioning, river crossing, emergency bivouac, safety planning etc. The days become quite long I can tell. When we went to bed at 22.30 we all were really tired.

(Winter training in Bydalen area, Ice-axe technique) In February the second module was in place. At Bydalen area the Winter training took place. Snowshoeing, ice-axe technique, winter rope handling, winter navigation/positioning, avalanche rescue etc. The ended up in a mini expedition in the Drommen area. The cold wind swept over us, so it become a real good winter training. Sleeping in snow bivouac was a part of the training.

(Summer assessment in Offerdals mountain, River crossing examination)When September came up it was time for the first assessment. Summer assessment. This time it was in the northern part of Jamtland. In the Offerdals mountains the assessment took place. The week started with a speed navigation. Then we went out for a mini expedition including assessment of navigation/positioning, river crossing, first aid, safety planning, rope technique etc. When we came back to the base camp at Thursday I think we all was satisfied and tired.

At the moment we are in the middle of planning the forth module, the winter Assessment. It will be held in the end of March. And without revealing to much I can say it will include; snowshoeing, Steep ground on winter, navigation, avalanche rescue etc. looking forward to this. This time the assessors from UIMLA also will participate again.

So soon I hope we will be a fully part of the UIMLA organisation, and we got a good standard for mountain leaders in Sweden…

The book tips of the day will be: 

International Mountain Trekking – Plas Y Brenin National Mountain Centre – Häftad (9780954151171) | Bokus

Rock Collapse – Gouter, Grand Culuoire, Mont Blanc – YouTube

See ya tomorrow…

2:nd of December and a cabin…

Second door this year:-). Deep in Lapland close to the Norwegian border the Unna Allakas cabin is placed. If you follow the trail from Abisko or Katterjokk. The distance is 35 K, but id you choose the Norwegian side you can start from Skjomen an than its is just 16 K. During the WW2 this cabin was in focus. Named as Sepal 2 ”Anna”, from here the resistance could plan espionage and sabotage to the German troupes in the area. One of the main duties was to inform about the weather, due to the allies bomb-planes. So the bombing of Tirpitz as well as the bombing of Narvik was helped out from here of the Norwegian Milorg. So here you also can feel the wings of history. 4 km North you can see the mining site Sjangeli and if you want to do a peak tour, why dont you try the Storsteinsmountain (Sv. Storsteinsfjellet) 1893m.  The Unna Allakas cabin got a 8-6-4 bed room, and also a (the sauna at Unna Allakallas cabin) kitchen in the middle with a wood stove. So why don’t you take a tour to the border, and visit the Unna Allakas cabin…Well I can also tell you that the Paltsacabin (sv. Pältsastugan) also was one of the Sepals cabin (named Måns 1) and here the resistance also build a escape tunnel for the refugees from Norway.

This days book suggestion will be two:

Operation Sepals : hemliga baser i Sverige 1944-1945 – Roger Albrigtsen – inbunden (9789185705337) | Adlibris Bokhandel

Vandringar kors och tvärs I Sapmi

Swimming Under a Frozen Lake | SAS S4 EP 5 – YouTube

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1st. of December and the calendar starts…

Time to open this years advent calendar. This year it will be competitions and information as well as a book tip every day. Now we will tie the knot for all the adventures of the year. But, for being able to win the nice prices you will need to follow the calendar every day. Small clues will be hidden to help you out with the competitions. All prices will have bearing of mountain safety…

Time to open the first door of December! Today it will be about one of the gate to the Jamtland Mountains. A hidden pearl that is approachable.  A hidden village which you often have been driven past on your way to the mountains. But it is highly recommend to do a visit. You follow the Damman towards Bydalen, soon you will have Drommens North face on you left. In the valley your eyes be unknowingly constantly drawn towards the mountainside of Drommen. This year I have been here three times; Winter, Summer and pre-Winter. All trails are easy to find and access. As icing on the cake (sv. som grädde på moset) You can go to Arodalen or the wild Anaris mountains. But on the other hand you can explore a lot at the Bydalen itself. Why dont you do the three peaks. Drommen, Ostfjallet and Vastfjallet? That is what I have done, twice this year!:-) 

the book tips of the day; we will start strong with a Norwegian book

Friluftslivspedagogikk – Skolor – häftad (9788202575830) | Adlibris Bokhandel

Jingle Bells – YouTube

See ya tommorow…


A fast and excellent peak tour…

Early Friday morning, the night train has just arrived at Are. The clock says 09,20. A night with two unknown persons, and one of them has been using garlic as a ingredient instead as a spice. Whatever, I put on the backpack and start the journey. My thought was to take a nice cup of coffee, but I change my mind. Now I am on track. I follow the road trough the small village and into the tunnel up to the Tott hotel. The plan will be to follow the Tott hill up to the trail towards the  Nalle cliff. Just after Tott I have to put on the snow shoes. I follow the edge up to the trail. Someone has use the trail so I can follow the tracks. The track is narrow, and I have to take the snowshoes off. I stay a short moment at the Nalle cliff, before I try to find the path towards Totthummeln. Here the trail looks like a book from Elsa Beskov  I read when I was a child., Olles Skitour. After a while I can find the track and continue. A kilometre later I turn west and I can put on the snow shoes again. The sun is slowly going up higher and the wind is quite calm. A meet to skiers and we agree of this is the perfect day for adventures. I keep a steady pace, and soon I have reach the level of the cable cars top station. Now the trail become much steeper. With snow shoes the best is to just go right up, but that is more risky due to avalanches. But it is not so much snow here, so that good. I keep up  the pace even though I breathe much more heavy now. Of a sudden I reach the plateau, just before the last climb up to the peak of Areskutan. I stop for just a minute before I continue with a furious pace. six minute later I reach the peak. And what a reward, almost no wind and a view over the whole Jamtlands mountains. It cant be better. Three skiers has just arrived to the top, and do them self ready for a nice couple of turn downwards. I just look and enjoy. Five minutes later I am on track again. Above the clouds it is just a pleasure. I meet two skiers on my way down, and we all agree that it cant be better than this. Four hours later from the start I arrive at Are again. Now my friends, it is time for a nice cup of coffee at Are bakery. After that I enjoy the atmosphere of the village. At 16.00 it is time for coffee number two at Are coffee roastery. The barista and owner Per Nordell and I have a nice conversation. We talk about haw to live the life that we want and that is nice. -Stockholm is nice to visit Per tells me, but I dont want to live there. And I think if you build a wall around the city,(the music of the the day will be a symbol out of this) the claw marks will not be on the outside he says with a big smile. I think he is totally right there…At 19.30 I am on the night train again. The waiter at the restaurant ask me -wasn’t you here in the morning? Yes I was I replied. I’ve been up at Areskutan and down. He just shakes his head….The shadow of a alpinist…

Wednesday we start the calendar, see ya…

They’re Bulding Walls Around Us – YouTube


Hire the best, and a new upcoming tour…

(The person at the photo does not have anything with the text to do) It is not easy to hire the right persons with the right attitude. But I got a good suggestion yesterday. A manager who own´s a guide company told me his way to be sure of hire the right persons. He always invited all the applicants to a party in a mountain lodge. Everything in bar was for free. At 03.00 AM he knocked on the applicants doors and called everyone to help him with some duties. The ones that stood up and helped him got hired, the others had to go home without being passed for the assignment. An easy way to get the right people for the mission…

At the moment we are planning for the upcoming winter assessment for the IML-training. It will be in Katterjakk close to Abisko and Riksgransen. I am also in the middle of planning the 11th mountain tour this year. So on Thursday I embark the night train bound for Jamtland. Looking forward for a peak tour and a good dinner afterwards. Check next blog at Sunday and you will be updated.

I am also planning and preparing for the upcoming calendar, so dont forget to follow us next Sunday with updates from the 11th mountain tour, and also the calendar from the 1st of December…

It is also time for planning upcoming adventures. Why not do a snowshoe tour to Blahammaren Mountain lodge in the winter. A nice tour and a three-course dinner…Contact us for booking.

KACEY MUSGRAVES – justified (official music video) – YouTube

See ya soon..




Dont forget the small adventures…

At the moment we are in between two seasons. It is time for reflection and contemplation. In the sami calendar we are in the pre-winter season. At the moment the snow light up the dark evening/nights and dress our playground in duvet. The cycle of the year is fantastic, and if you follow it you will feel more alive. From that point of view I’ve been having a fantastic year; a lot of both small and big adventures. Now is the time for planning the winter season and maybe to plan your training. Why dont you plan for a first aid course with Adventure Medicine, Utbildning inom vildmarksmedicin- Adventure Medicine or why dont you take a avalanche course; Kommande Evenemang – Kittelfjäll Adventure ( or a winter training for beginners in Jamtland Vinterutbildning i fjällmiljö – All in Nature SWEDEN I will also give you a heads up of a good books, that might give you more longing for European adventures: The Hidden Tracks – Fotvandring – inbunden (9783899559552) | Adlibris Bokhandel and also the Wanderlust Europe – Europa – inbunden (9783899558661) | Adlibris Bokhandel

At the moment I am planning for the upcoming November tour. This one will be a short and fast adventure, but with a good planning it will be a great adventure, to be continued..

When it comes to gear I have stared the evaluation of the Beyond Nordic  BN007 3L Hard shell pant yellow. This is a 3 layer pant. It has a good price: 140 Euro. The finish is ok, but the fit gives more to be desired. It has alpine-fit, but still there is some need of improvement from my point of view. But so far I think they are price-worthy.

And as I told you before the advent calendar is coming up soon. Here it will be contests, facts and Christmas gifts suggestions. For example you will have one book gift suggestion every day…

State of Sound – Higher Love (Lyric) ft. Viktor Norén, Gustaf Norén – YouTube

See ya soon

Do not look at yourself from the perspective of others…

This has been a interesting week, this including good workout, nice meetings and also good reflections. I was listen to a pod with Alexander Bard about the future. It was very interesting and make me to see things from another angle. One of his thoughts was that we will have multiple personality, depending of in what room/context we are in at the moment. I might be wrong, but for me it sounds like it would be like loosing the one that is me. Its sounds like the whole life would be like a role play?! What I rather will be to not look at yourself from the perspective of others. You can always change your direction not depending of your background,  age or profession. At the ”Vildmarks guiderna” wilderness guide at the kunskapskanalen we can follow a guide, Martin Breu who changed his life situation and become a rafting guide. So why not doing what you really wanted to do?

At Thursday I was holding a lecture about the IML-training and process including mountain safety for the Swedish alpine club. A very nice event. Lots of good questions and a nice atmosphere with a nice chat with all the participants afterwords.

Today I will present a hidden Mountain Lodge. Deep in the Offerdals mountains its places. Not so many knows it or have been there. So if you want to visit a genuine Sami mountain lodge and reindeer husbandry this is the place.

When it comes to the workout I think it has been a good week. Today I got 22 km in my legs already at 13.10. And then a triathlon with Ski-ergo, row-machine and air assault bike and boxing was not included.

At the end I will review the Beyond Nordics BN007 3L Hard shall pants. With a cost of 151 Euro spontaneously I think it is price worth. Lots a nice details and of course their tool hook, for ice axe etc. So I will hard test this one during November and will present the result in beginning of December.

And at the end of todays blog I want to suggest a book for Åre friends. Why not read Årebilder of Ola Rockberg and Martin Alzén.

See ya soon, and dont forget soon the advent calendar will be here:-)

The Dead South – Black Lung | OurVinyl Sessions – YouTube


The Extremes…

Today I will reflect from a philosophic point of view. To begin with I can state that I love the extremes…Spending a week in a tent is nice, but then it is nice to sleep in a bed. I love the summer, but I really love the winter. So this is the thing, it is the extremes that makes it. Another thing is that you in the mountain you can feel so small, the wind and the grandeur makes you feel small. But at the same time, reaching the peak after struggle towards wind and snow, then you feel as you on the top of the world and you own it. At least the the moment. Another thin with the mountains is that they are infinitely immutable. Meaning that they will look like they did the last time you seen them. The Ice fall on the other hand is always in a new shape every time and every year.  I also must reflect over social media, for whom are we/you loading up the pictures/posts? How often do you read, how often do you got inspiration and energy from the posts. Back up your thoughts, what do you want from it, really?! And what are you loading up?! Maybe time for a reflection of it.

This week I will review the Norröna Lofoten Hiloflex200Hood: this is a middle layer in the hybrid area. Perfect comfort and a integrated balaclava. This one will be interested to check. Köp Norröna Lofoten Hiloflex200 Hood M’s – Kläder,Jackor,Hybridjacka |

What I learned from my massive ice climbing fall? – YouTube

Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction – YouTube

See ya soon…


Love the adventure…(blog 588)

Do I believe in god? Well I believe in something. While being in the mountain environment, I think you will become a believer. Whatever, then what is paradise? I think our life at the very moment when you read, now/here is the paradise. And if so I think it’s quite good. You have to be grateful for all the nice part of your day. One of my habits is to thank for the day, and the good things I have experienced during the day. That is one of my important statement. be thankful. The second thing will be, go your own way. No one can, will or shall tell you what to do, how to behaviour or what your life should be like. That responsible will only be a one man show – yours!. This means you have to dig in to yourself, who and what will you be? What hall be your signum, your nobility mark? When you landed in that, you on the track. The third thing will be passion, get passion for what you want to do, what you want to become. Passion is the only driver that can force you to your result to becoming what you will be. And your dreams, dream about how it will feels and what it looks like. That can be a key, a opener for you to get on your way. Quitting is a word that won’t be in your vocabulary. But an advice will be to take small steps at the time. Take and do just one evolution at the time. Don’t do the mistake to take a 6 month target or planning. Start here and now, one step at the time. And most of all never, ever no way QUIT. Do the very best you can at this single moment. That will lead you further on.

So why I am writing this to you? Because I think you will be interesting in to become a better you. So here is one of my stories. Is it all about luck?

I’ve been guiding since 2000, but it was later I got the information about the Swedish Mountain Leader certification and the Swedish Mountain Leader organisation. When I got the information I decided to join, and I really was keen to be an active part of the organisation. So when I joined I asked if I could help the board with something. The answer I got was that -no not for the moment. But I still was eager and kept the contact and tried time after time with no success. But then of a sudden, everything went fast and suddenly I was a part of an interim board and I was soon one of the board. There was a lot to do, and also a track for the IML-training was ongoing. So soon I was a part of that track. So today I am one of three IML instructors of Sweden. Luck? No, I can tell -hard work and a lot of passion will be the answer. Was it worth it so far? Every single second of all the spent time. I have learned a lot, and got a lot of new friends with the same…Passion. Surround yourself with passion, and you will become more passionate.

So don’t forgot to be thankful, take your step and responsibility to create your own paradise. Go your own way and live passionately. And you, never ever quit.

This year I have done one Mountain adventure every month, so far ten of them. Is that a coincident? What do you think:-) Long live the adventures…Love the adventures…

Winter skills, soon the winter will be here. That means we have to start preparing for the new season. Check your avalanche beacon etc. So I will start a short series about preparing for the upcoming winter.

So lets start with the way how the body loses heat. So how does we lose heat then? Well it can be divided into five parts; Radiation, Conduction, Convection, Evaporation, Respiration. So lets start with the radiation. If the surroundings are colder than the body, the net result will be heat loss. So this is handled by clothing and layering of clothes. Conduction, with no isolation between a cold surface and the body ex. A rock the heat from your body will directly be transferred to the surface. Convection, The wind-chill effect will be a main part of this. If the air consciously moving over the body, the temperature can never equalise and the body keeps losing heat. Evaporation, heat loss from evaporation occurs when water(sweat) on the surface of the skin is turned into water vapour. That requires energy in the form of the heat and this heat comes from the body. Respiration, when you inhale, the air you breath in is warmed by the body and saturated with water vapor. Then when you exhale, that heat is lost. That is why breath can be seen in cold air. One very important this is to hydrate, secure that you got liquid. This is one of the things that affects you during winter conditions.

What does I bring with me for safety, when I am out for adventures? Well there are at least four things I bring; a wind shelter, first aid kit, a bivaque  sack and pocket saw. With this I got equipment for survival.

The workout this week has been something special. With my 56 year I have today made a personal record. With 179,2km of running and hiking I have past the 29 year old record on 170km. And I ended it up today with a 6 km speed hiking with boots and a 21,47 kg back pack.

dj carlos cold heart medlley – YouTube


A mini-expedition…

Saturday morning, the breakfast is done. We are on the road again. This time hiding for Graftavallen in Jamtland. Just after Svenstavik we stopped for catching the sun colour. After a while we turn in to the road that will lead us to the start of today’s adventure. The first target of the day is the East peak(sv. Österfjället) in the Bydals area. The plan is to initial to follow the trail towards the Falkfangarfjallet. Next step will be to slanted towards the peak. The wind is getting harder and the higher we get to the peak, the harder the wind hit us. After 1,5 hour we reach the top, and as usual the stay at the top will not be to long. The way down is easy as we now got the wind in our back. But in our mind, we know its not over yet, one more peak to master. Down at Garftavallen, its time for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. A overview of the map, checking in the trail for the next peak. West mountain(sv. Västerfjället) Going with the car the 14km to Bydalen and preparing for the next challenge. The sight, the wind and the snow in the air will be a challenge. In the snow we can see a couple of tracks, but the higher we got, the less of tracks will be seen. The path winds slowly upwards. the ice on the (Trail towards Vastfjallet Photo Ulf Bergman)trail makes it a bit harder. Slowly towards the wind, we take meter by meter. When the trail turns to west, it becomes more uphills. It is steep uphills, and you have to take it easy. When reaching the top ten minutes later the wind hit us like a punch in the face. The ice bark in the air blaster our face. Now the feeling is like high alpine. Same here a fast stop, with limited views it is just as good to continue downhill. The trail marks are already covered with snow and ice. The pre-winter season will soon be winter, and the snow and ice is her to stay this time. The Drommen wall is in our sight on our way down. The thought of tomorrows challenge has already starts. But we still have a couple kilometres left of the days trail. But soon we have come in to the woods and soon we are in the cabin for the night. Now it is time to recover and planning for the upcoming challenge, the peak of Drommen. A dinner at Bydalens Inn and time for sleep. Up early and boots on, The first kilometres is (Trail towards peak of Drommen Photo Ulf Bergman)steep and it will take its effort. And when we passed the creek it is time for step by step we take height. The trail flattens out and soon we reach the top, and ”surprisingly” the wind hit us again. Now we continue towards the Drommskaran. Here we got a nice phenomena, the sun shines in a pond and reflect it like a diamond. We continue down to Drommskaran and down to Hoglekardalen. A cup of coffee and we understand that we have done the plan and adventure. Three peaks within 24 hours. So what can I do for conclusion out of this adventure weekend? It is easy to do a big adventure with just a few hours to (Drommskaran Photo Ulf Bergman) spend. A effective planning is needed. Pre-winter season is nice, but it will be a bit challenge due to service in some areas. But most of all; it is very easy and nice:-).

News at the outdoor are worth to nothing will be: The founder of Peak Performance together with Marcel Hirscher has started a new brand. The mountain studio. This will be very interesting to follow.

Lyricson – Bad Load – YouTube

See ya soon…